How to look pretty as a petal this winter

Fresh-faced, floral-hued beauty is a major makeup trend this winter. Here, we explore how to transform this budding romance into something eminently wearable.


Everything—your makeup included—is coming up roses this winter. Blush shades from natural to supernatural play a major role, and their playful placement creates different moods. Worn low on the cheek for day, an ethereal flush imparts the youthful innocence of an English rose, especially when paired with fresh skin, brushed brows and bare lashes.

"Blush has the ability to create different emotions—excitement, energy, sensuality, innocence, youthfulness," says Mecca's Senior Artist Sally Axford, who created the looks. "Opt for true pinks and even reds to mimic the way we naturally flush."

As the sun goes down, bring blush higher onto the cheekbones to dial up the drama. Sweep the rosy hue across your eyelids, press it into your pout, and swipe on some mascara for sensual appeal.


Steal the moonlight with an unexpected twist on your highlighter. Holographic shades cast a bewitching light on your cheekbones, brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes. A flawless base is instrumental in making this look cohesive and sophisticated.

"This look is all about contrast and playing with different textures—satin skin, a holographic highlight and a matte, blurred lip, all working together in harmony," says Axford.

A strong matte pout, meanwhile, is the perfectly unexpected counterpart to gleaming skin. Temper the bold, tulip hue by blurring out the edges—an artistry secret where you run a domed eyeshadow brush, or a touch of concealer, over the lip line. For the finishing touch, skip mascara and add a hint of glitter to the eyes instead.


When it comes to colour this season, two tones are better than one. Create a gradient lip by focusing one colour on the centre (we used a warm red) and another on the lip line (here, cool pink). The shifting shades, plucked straight from the garden, deliver an artistic allure.

"The colour choices were inspired by water lilies, tulips and pansies. Mother nature doesn’t make mistakes—it really works," says Axford.

Similar codes apply to the eyes. Place contrasting colours (of any combination) on the inner and outer corners (leaving the centre intentionally bare) and blend out using a loose powder. Keep the focus on the eyes with gelled brows, hydrated lips and a barely-there complexion.

Photography by Victoria Zschommler
Makeup by Sally Axford
Hair by Lok Lau
Words by Romy Erdos
Styled by Olivia Foulds
June 2018


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