More than water and mints: these are the things we wish were in an Uber (or our mini-bag) during party season

In an ideal world, these would be perfectly tucked away in the glove box of Ubers from October through to March (and beyond; if only!) — but considering they’re not (yet), we’re slipping these mini makeup must-haves into our clutches, pockets and purses all party season long.

We’ve all been there: travelling from function—to feast—to fiesta in the height of a scorching summer, your once-perfect look becoming increasingly dire as it deteriorates between each event, canape and spritz. To an extent (and to the power of your primers and setters) wear and tear is inevitable, and carrying a full makeup kit in that mini Jacquemus bag of yours is not realistic by any means. So we thought; wouldn’t it be handy if Ubers accompanied their mint and water selection with a slew of party season saviours? (The answer is yes.) Here’s everything we’d want in our Uber, and the mini-bag must-haves we’re keeping on call instead.

A sweet-smelling sanitiser to fight the finger food

Fresh from France, we’re currently obsessing over Merci Handy, a gen-z beauty brand doing handbag essentials a little differently. Their poignantly pink Flower Power Hand Cleansing Gel is anything but your boring old hand sanitiser, made complete with a touch of nourishing aloe vera to hydrate and refresh the skin. It’s fun and fresh, and the perfect product to cleanse hands with after a finger food fiasco.

Setters and mattifiers to banish shine (without dulling your glow)

Some of us are oilier than others, but in the heat of summer—and even more so if you happen to find yourself on a dancefloor—it’s not uncommon for glow to turn into shine. Eliminate the chance of surface shine with a hit of powder and setting spray before you leave the house, and slip some blotting papers into your purse to absorb excess oil throughout the day (we’re currently reaching for either the Tatcha or Merci Handy Rose Blotting Papers). Reset with a misting of the mini Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and you’re good to go.

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Dry shampoo and texturisers for good hair all day

Hair game is key during party season (you’ve already lined up your washing schedule with your social schedule, after all), and is often the first thing to go awry on a big day out. Curls drop, fly-aways, well, fly away, and tactically placed bangs choose their own adventure. Fake fresh hair en-route with a spritz of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo at the roots (especially good to refresh bangs), and go wild with the Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Texture Spray to transform dropped-out curls into beachy, intentionally un-done waves. Both come in portable mini sizes, making our long-wear hair dreams a reality.

Concealer and lip toppers so you can arrive alive

Between talking, dancing, drinking and eating, it’s only natural for makeup to move and fade in high-traffic areas (if anything, it’s a sign you’re having a good time). Made even better by their already portable size, concealer and lip toppers are a gal’s best friend on a day where your glam needs to go the distance. We’re having a bit of a Jouer moment here at MECCA, so when day turns into night, touch up any under-eye darkness or general redness with their Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer, and swipe on their Sheer Pigment Lip Gloss—the difference they’ll make is nothing short of astounding.

A portable perfumery for a full-day of fragrance

One can only dream of a rideshare/perfumery hybrid, and while we do, we’re setting up our own version with Floral Street’s The Discovery Set, a bouquet of eight mini scents to suit every soiree. Pop two to four of them into your purse and think of it as your very own portable perfumery, enabling you to refresh and transform your scent as the night changes.


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