Your summer hair rehab starts now


Salt, sand, chlorine, sun, heat, styling and sweat: in summer, we throw a lot at our hair. We are out and about more, expose ourselves to the elements, and dunk our bodies in the ocean and chlorinated pools. To add insult to mane injury, the party season brings on more styling opportunities, so we experiment more.

There’s no disputing that summer is a joyous time, but the most carefree season takes its toll on your locks. Of course, this isn’t the first thing we think of because, while we won’t see it straight away, the damage has been done by the time autumn rolls around.

Thankfully, technology in haircare has come a long way. There are now a number of products expressly designed to minimise the harmful effects of the season (and the guilt that comes with hair neglect). These wonder workers are so easy to use, they just slide right into daily life—fuss-free and beach-club approved, we promise.


While you may think that chlorine and salt water are the main offenders when it comes to hair hazards, it’s also self-inflicted. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair, and is more susceptible to breakage—particularly when twisting our hair into chic Turkish towels for Santorini-inspired selfies. That might look good for a Mario Testino Towel Series supermodel shoot, but it’s not the best idea, especially for blondes or those with fine hair. Better to use a super-absorbent turban to cut down on your hair dryer time. Also, we wash our hair more often at this time of year, which can result in over-cleansing. And if you’ve booked a rural escape, you might also be washing your locks with hard bore water or rain tank water—great for the environment, not so much for a gloss-factor.

Invest in a pre-wash treatment like Aquis 01 Water Defense Pre-Wash. This two-minute protector, packed with avocado oil, aloe extract and coconut oil, is used prior to shampooing and protects against any loss of moisture, reinforces the cortex of the hair and resets its natural pH levels. Impressive, huh? After washing, the use of a primer that is UV-protective but not heavy, like Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, will also help to prevent further havoc.


Have you ever stopped to think what the sun does to our hair? After all, it’s the top of our crowns that takes the brunt of that burning ball of gas in the sky. UV rays not only make it more susceptible to breakage, but for those with coloured hair, it will undo all the hard work your colourist has put into perfecting your tone, causing it to fade. So, to get back to those lush spring tresses, it means more work for everyone involved—your credit card included.

Ahead of a day in the sun (or, rather, three months of it) consider using a protein-rich UV protective regimen, like 3More Inches Lifesaver UV Protective Shampoo. It will not only help minimis e fading but also strengthen strands with each wash. As you would apply sunscreen, regular use of a lightweight, water-resistant UV protector, like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, will also help. This one, in particular, provides up to 16-hours of protection, without weighing hair down.


Like your skin, a long day of swimming or being active can weaken and dehydrate hair. This is why a smart, multipurpose army of after-sun products, which restore moisture and also prepare your hair for styling, will be your greatest weapon. Certainly, you’ll be thankful for them by the time the leaves start to change in autumn.

Think of the Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque as a big, cold glass of water after a day on the beach, or a hydrating dose of electrolytes after a big night out—it works the same way. Laced with restoring ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, and antioxidants like Vitamin E and green tea, this mask not only aims to rehydrate ocean- and chlorine-soaked strands, but also rebuild the hair’s strength from the inside-out. Likewise, the Living Proof Restore Treatment Mask has a cult following for a reason: it’s restorative, brightening and deeply conditioning, exactly what summer hair needs. As a bonus, it is also great on fine hair.

Finally, top off your summer rehab hair with a dazzling dose of shine. Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Hair Oil is a triple-threat that cleverly acts as a lightweight styler, environmental damage fighter and glossy finisher. Free of silicones and infused with rose flower oil and extract, it leaves your locks soft, smooth and impossibly lustrous. You are now ready for a long haute summer.

Words by Noelle Faulkner
January 2019


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