How to: strengthen your skin with Shiseido

There’s nothing more gratifying than a good skincare routine before your head hits the pillow—especially when it involves squelching and splashing your way through satisfying textures while you do it. This simple four-step Shiseido routine is all about making your skin stronger by protecting and boosting the skin’s barrier for serious future-proofing. After all, strong skin equals healthy skin. Kick things off with a lightweight oil cleanser which goes to work on excess oil, impurities and even the most stubborn face, lip and eye makeup from the skin. Up next, a softener. For those who aren’t familiar with it, a softener is similar to an essence in that it helps to heal, hydrate and help skin become more receptive to additional treatments (it also helps to re-texturise your skin). A strenghtening serum comes next, it acts like a protective shield, infused with antioxidant-rich reishi mushroom and moisturising iris root extract to create stronger skin. Top it all off with a rich night cream that your skin will drink up while you sleep for silky-soft results by morning. Press play.


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