Space-age skin care

While we’re over here in 2018, skin care appears to be moving at lightspeed towards the future, with new and incredible hi-tech formulations and space-age devices landing on our MECCA shelves every day, week, month and year. Ingredients and technology that once required an “appointment” are now available to use in your own home, on your own time (i.e. while binge-watching Netflix, feeding your cat, stalking your sister’s boyfriend’s ex’s mother-in-law on Instagram...or, you know, whatever!).

Always at the forefront of skinnovation is the team at Dr. Dennis Gross. Known to blow our minds on the daily with their Alpha Beta Peel Pads (a MECCA staff must-have) and actives-packed creams and serums, Dr. Dennis Gross just took it next-level with the launch of SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED Device. This next-gen technol ogy promises to Benjamin Button your eye area in just three-minutes a day, using the same collagen-boosting LED technology Dr. Gross, M.D uses in his swanky Upper East Side, Manhattan office. (It will also make you look like a Star Wars Clone Trooper or Robocop while you wear it, which is a great selfie opportunity.) We caught up with the queen of Dr. Dennis Gross, CEO and Co-founder Carrie Gross, to get the inside scoop on what’s happening at the cutting-edge of high-tech anti-ageing skin-care ingredients and technology.

TMM: Over the past couple of years, there’s been a focus on vitamin C in skin care. Why should we be introducing this ingredient into our routine?
CG: “Everyone is talking about vitamin C right now but we’ve been using this ingredient at Dr. Dennis Gross since the beginning. The reason we love vitamin C (and the reason everyone should be using it) is because it builds collagen, which is what gives our skin density and firmness. Vitamin C also brightens the skin—so it’s a real multitasker.”

The Alpha Beta Peel is a cult-favourite in your line. What would you say to someone who was apprehensive about using an at-home peel for the first time?
“I think that sometimes when a client hears the word “peel” and “acids” they get scared. Dennis developed the Alpha Beta Daily Peel to be super gentle but highly effective at removing everything we don’t want on our skin, that is, the build-up of sebum and dead skin cells. It’s not a cleansing step, it’s a microexfoliation step that also builds collagen. That’s the #1 holy grail skin treatment we need. Clients will often say: “Acids? I don’t want to put acids on my face,” but acids are simply an ingredient with a low Ph—like your skin. The types of acids we use in our Alpha Beta Daily Peel are naturally occurring—and some of them are also antioxidants.”

The beauty customer is getting increasingly savvier, first embracing at-home peels and now turning to at-home devices such as the Spectralite, what do you make of the trend in at-home treatments and devices?
“Our lifestyle today is so demanding, we’re all working so hard, and I think that being able to have access to technology and seriously effective, results-oriented treatments in the privacy of our own home is phenomenal.”

On the subject of Spectralite, tell us a bit more about this new technology: why LED and what does it actually do for our skin?
Spectralite is our new FDA-approved medical device that uses four different light waves: amber, red, deep red and infrared, to penetrate the dermis and build collagen in all the layers of the skin around the eye.”

How do you use Spectralite and where do you wear yours?
“ When you get the device home you are going to charge it with a USB just like your iPhone or laptop. Once it’s charged, you’re going to put the device on (like sunglasses), press the button and it’s going to give you a three-minute treatment. It will automatically switch off when it’s done. It’s so easy and so much fun. I keep mine besides my bed so I remember to use it every morning and every night. I like to put on my body lotion or check my emails during the treatment. It’s hands-free so you have the freedom to do just about anything you want to do while wearing it. One of the things I love about Spectralite is it’s shareable. You can share it with your partner, your roommate, your mum—my housekeeper sometimes wears it. All you have to do is wipe the inside with a soft towel between uses.”

Life is busy, what can we be doing beyond skin care to benefit our skin?
“We all know that we should be eating a healthy diet with organic foods and vegetables, drinking water, getting a good night’s sleep, getting some exercise but the one thing that we need to talk about more is managing stress. Stress really takes a toll on our skin. If you get to know yourself and can find a way to alleviate stress, whether it’s a yoga class or meditation your skin will thank you.”

What beauty advice did you learn from your mother that still holds true today?
“My mother was such a natural beauty. She didn’t dye her hair or wear a lot of makeup—she loved lipstick and I certainly inherited that from her. I just remember how nice it was to touch her skin and see her skin. I tell my daughters, don’t wear a lot of makeup, you don’t need a lot of makeup."

And what have you learnt about beauty from your kids?
“When my kids come into my bedroom and say mum you look beautiful, it just makes my day. I think what my children have taught me, more than anything, is that I need to be okay with aging, and aging gracefully is the goal. As long as you’re using good skin-care products you should be feeling great about taking care of yourself the right way.”

Words by Romy Erdos
Photography by Marcel Aucar
January 2018


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