When it comes to beauty, we have it all. This month, we’re inviting you to brush up on your beauty alphabet with the MECCA A-Z of Beauty. F is for Future: innovators and gamechangers, these next-gen devices are the future of beauty.

Skincare is no longer just potions and lotions, and as tech consumes our social lives, it has fast entered the realm of skincare. Salon and clinic-level treatments are now accessible for all; sans waitlist-riddled bookings, extortionate one-time fees, and 2020’s greatest challenge: leaving your home. Now with the best of skin tech, reaping extraordinary skincare results beyond creams and serums is easier than ever.

In saying this, we do understand that skincare devices are still new to many of us, and with so many types to choose from, can be daunting. So in collaboration with MECCA skincare education manager Lucy Shaw, we’re outlining the dos, don’ts, expected results, and required commitment of our favourite device treatments: microdermabrasion, facial massage, rolling, microneedling, LED, and sonic cleansing. Keep scrolling.


Our pick: PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Pro

Best for: oily and combination skin types, prone to congestion and enlarged pores.

The results: visibly decongested and refined pores, and smooth, retextured skin that has an even glow.

How does it work? A combination of vacuum suction, spinning discs and microcrystals crystals pass over the skin, buffing away stubborn dead skin cells, unclogging pores and creating a lymphatic drainage effect.

The commitment: you should certainly feel a difference in texture straight after using the device, but it is best to commit to eight to 12 weeks of consistent use (about once a week) to see more dramatic results.

When using, DO: make sure to use your other hand to support the skin. This is super important; you don’t want to create any unnecessary pulling or tugging as this can cause bruising. And before you microderm, prep your skin using a gentle cleanser, removing all traces of makeup.

When using, DON’T: Overdo it! Once you experience this device for the first time, it’s hard to not get over-excited and want to use it more frequently. Your skin needs an opportunity to respond to the treatment and kick start its own detoxification process, so using it just once each week is perfect. You’ve also got to keep in mind that this device exfoliates the skin, so although you might be tempted to layer on your favourite acids and retinols right after, don’t! You’ve already got that step covered!

There’s mixed commentary (and incredible video close-ups) about these types of devices online—but use them right, and they will not damage your skin.
These devices have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe for at-home use—just make sure that before putting it near your face that you read all of the pre and post-care instructions, as this is often where things can go wrong. And always make sure you test the suction on the back of your arm before you move to your face, to ensure that the device is in good working order.


Our pick: Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Gua Sha Lifting Tool

Best for: all skin types, and especially for those who grind their teeth overnight or tense up while staring at a screen.

The results:instant de-puffing, as well as the release of muscle tension which helps to sculpt the face and refine the jawline.

How does it work? Inspired by Gua Sha, a massage practice that has been used for centuries in China to as part of traditional Chinese medicine, this beautifully sculpted tool works in two ways, encouraging lymphatic drainage, releasing muscle tension, and re-training lazy facial muscles.

The commitment: : You will immediately see a glow and de-puff after facial massage, but using it each day will create more cumulative results as you start to re-train your facial muscles—just like going to the gym!

When using, DO: use it in the morning to help de-puff, using it with a serum, facial oil or moisturiser on the skin to help it glide. Look at yourself in the mirror when you’re using the tool so that you can assess target areas of puffiness, tension, or sagging skin.

When using, DON’T: use the tool on a right angle; use it on its side, with a more acute angle between the stone and your face. This will ensure it’s as close to your skin as possible, helping it glide while giving you the most control.

The difference between using a tool and your hands for facial massage: this tool was designed to mimic the shape of founder Angela Caglia’s hands and knuckles, which she famously uses for her celebrity-loved destressing facial and neck massage. .


Our pick: Knesko Rose Quartz Gemstone Roller

Best for: all skin types, particularly someone who suffers from redness, irritation or puffiness.

The results: immediately after using a rose quartz roller, you can feel the heat in the stone, which has been drawn out of your skin to soothe and calm your face. Puffiness around the eyes is reduced, (they will look noticeably brighter!) and you will see an overall even glow.

How does it work? Cooling, calming rose quartz gently rolls over the surface of your skin, helping to cool, calm and re-balance the skin, encouraging lymphatic drainage whilst helping your skincare and actives to absorb better.

The commitment: you should see results immediately, ensuring you roll for at least a few minutes.

When using, DO: use long, repetitive motions towards the outside of your face—this will guide excess fluid and toxins toward your lymph nodes. You can also go straight over your eyes—gently—for a de-puffing effect.

When using, DON’T: use too much pressure. You want to help guide the lymphatic pathway, which sits very superficially under your skin; using too much pressure will have the opposite effect.

WATCH MORE: How to use a rose quartz facial roller to drain the lymphatic system


Our pick: BeautyBio GloPRO Facial Microneedling Regeneration Tool

Best for: all skin types, in particular those starting to see fine lines, sagging skin, pigmentation or acne scarring.

The results: surface smoothing, refined texture, reduced appearance of pigmentation and scars… there’s almost no skin concern this device doesn’t target.

How does it work? Tiny microneedles, vibrations and LED work together to reinvigorate cells from the lower layers of your skin, all the while creating microchannels for your skincare to absorb more effectively.

The commitment: depending on your skin, you may look slightly flushed in some areas immediately after use (this will subside really quickly). But be patient; you will wake up with skin so unbelievably smooth, even and glowing. If you are using the device to target the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, commit to using a microneedling tool for at least eight weeks (for one minute each or every second day) to see more dramatic results.

When using, DO: roll the device in many different directions, vertically, horizontally, diagonally… the more pathways you make with the device, the more microchannels you will have for your subsequent skincare to absorb into. After use, make sure you apply your skincare (in particular your active serums and moisturisers) as they will now be on a freeway into the lower layers of your skin—this is where the magic happens.

When using, DON’T: forget to clean the device! It’s critical that you spray it with isopropyl alcohol to sanitise the device after each use. And don’t keep the attachment for any more than four months; it’s recommended that you discard and replace every three to four months if using regularly.


Our pick: Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

Best for: all skin types. LED light is a non-invasive way to treat the skin, so if you’re particularly sensitive to certain ingredients or prone to congestion, this device will actively treat your skin without causing any other concerns.

The results: the beauty of this device is that it compliments any skincare products that you may be using, boosting their results. Immediately after use, redness or irritation may be reduced significantly, and you will notice an even, all-over glow. Over time, with regular use, the appearance of breakouts will start to reduce.

How does it work? This mask infuses light energy into the skin--think of it as another skincare ingredient. Blue LED light targets the surface of your skin and diminishes acne-causing bacteria, and red light absorbs deeper into the skin to promote a plumper and firmer appearance.

The commitment: the results of this device are cumulative, so it’s recommended that you use it for at least three minutes a day to see more dramatic and longer-lasting results. This will take around six to eight weeks.

When using, DO: use the blue and red light together if you’re targeting breakouts. Also use it every single day, making it part of your daily routine like you do your moisturiser or serums (we like to slip it on to make our morning coffee). The key to success with a device like this is frequency of use.

When using, DON’T: have anything on your skin that may interrupt the absorption of the LED light, no SPF, makeup, or reflective pigments. Be sure to apply your usual skincare straight after using the device.


Our pick: Foreo Luna 3 (available in mini, sensitive, and combination versions)

Best for: there is a Luna for all skin types, but we highly recommend using one if you have oily skin or are prone to congestion.

The results: a sonic cleansing device will not only take your cleanse to the next (much deeper) level, but it will visibly refine the texture of your skin and help to clear up congestion and prevent breakouts.

How does it work? This cleansing brush uses tiny silicone bristles and T-sonic vibrations to deeply cleanse your pores, flushing dirt, oil, pollution, and SPF out to allow for all of your amazing skincare to absorb and penetrate into the skin better than ever before.

The commitment: from the first time you cleanse with a Foreo device, you will feel the most gloriously smooth and clean skin that you will wonder why you were without one before. Ongoing use will promise better results from your skincare, and generally clearer, less congested skin.

When using, DO: use a foaming or gel cleanser, removing your makeup with makeup remover (or an oil/balm cleanser) first. Ensure you have generous amounts of water as this is essential to help flush and properly clean skin.

When using, DON’T: use a cleanser with microbeads or other physical exfoliators as they will get stuck in the tiny bristles. Also make sure to not leave your Luna a wet environment—let it airdry fully after each use.

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