The brand that bottled Cali-girl hair

“Beachy waves” has long been industry speak for effortless-looking, low-maintenance locks—no matter how far you live from the coast. But unless you’re zipping up your wetsuit and hitting the waves daily, that lustrous and lived-in surfer look that dominates so many Pinterest boards can remain a pipe dream. That is, until former fashion stylist, Shelby Wild, bottled Cali-girl cool with her hair care line, Playa.

The idea for Playa was born from Wild intending to simplify her hair routine. The solution was a botanical-based dry shampoo that uses rose powder to absorb excess sebum and keep hair soft, and star anise as an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent to refresh manes without disrupting their natural balance. It was the first product in what would become a full-fledged collection dedicated to luscious tresses.

Wild, who’s based in Venice Beach, has a simple aim for Playa: it’s all about enhancing natural hair texture. And when it comes to ingredients, potentially harmful salon staples are replaced with a combination of natural and clinical actives. Playa launched in MECCA this month, so we caught up with the self-described “wash-and-go girl” to get the inside story on our latest obsession.

TMM: What inspired you to start Playa?
SW: “It was a solution to my own beauty needs. I needed something that simplified my routine, as I was often rushing out of the door each morning. I wanted to make something for anyone who wants to achieve tousled, effortless beach waves.”

Playa focuses on all-natural ingredients. Why was that important to you?
“We really wanted to balance science and nature in order to maintain the efficacy you expect from salon-based products, while using powerful and active botanicals.”

What is it about the Californian look that makes it so enviable?
“The Cali-girl look, and hair, is representative of laid-back beach culture—and who doesn't love that?”

What’s your personal hair philosophy?
“Enhance your nature hair texture! Whatever it may be.”

Who is your hair muse?
Margot Robbie

One of our favourite things about the range is that it smells amazing. Was that intentional?
"Totally. We wanted to create a beachy sensorial experience with the line, but also keep the fragrance light enough to avoid being overwhelming."

Do you have a favourite product in the range?
The Ritual Hair Oil because the natural UV filter protects my hair when I'm in the sun and also keeps it hydrated even if you spend the day in the salty ocean.”

Any secret ways you like to use it?
“I love applying the Hair Oil from mid-length to ends, then spraying the Dry Shampoo into the roots for a piece-y, off-duty look.”

You’re a legitimate surfer. Have you ever hit the waves in Australia?
“Not yet! But I’m looking forward to visiting Mecca and your beaches soon.”

Words by Alexandra Whiting
April 2018


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Free Deluxe Sample When You Spend $150
Free Deluxe Sample When You Spend $150
Free Deluxe Sample When You Spend $150
Free Deluxe Sample When You Spend $150