QUIZ: Answer 5 questions and we’ll reveal your perfect palette

Like we have a second stomach for dessert, there somehow always seems to be space for a sparkling new eyeshadow palette in our beauty collections. You’ve got your neutrals and your brights (and everything in between) but no matter how many palettes you have, there’s one that you’ll reach for time and time again.

One palette does not fit all, so whether you’ve got a library full of them or are trying to decide on your very first, we’re here to help you find the eyeshadow palette that speaks to your soul, your style, and your blending needs. All you have to do is answer five quick questions. Let’s find your palette ID.


1: Your friends would describe you as…

A: A true extrovert and the life of the party. You’re loud and lively with a unique personal style to match, and your fun, positive energy is contagious. You make friends quickly, and you’ve got lots of them.

B: A high-achieving go-getter. As well as being a boss in your day job, you’ve always got a successful side hustle or two on the go, yet always make time to have fun with your friends. They don’t know how you do it.

C: Reliable. You’re the ‘mum’ of the friendship group, and can always be trusted for a good, honest opinion—no matter what the topic. You veer on the reserved side, but open up with the right people.

D: Adventurous and fearless. You love the great outdoors just as much as you do getting glammed up, and would never turn down a rock climbing or white-water rafting expedition. To you, nothing is more beautiful than nature.

2: Which colour family are you drawn to most?

A: Electric blues and purples: as bright as they come!

B: Something warm and fleshy: flushed peach tones and pink-hued beiges.

C: Chocolate tones: from deep browns to milky creams

D: Anything earthy: leafy greens, and rich, red-toned browns.

3: Which Sex and the City character do you resonate with?

A: Carrie, fashion-forward and romance-obsessed columnist (you see yourself as the ‘main character’).

B: Samantha, the quick-witted publicist that’s just as loyal to her friends as she is her career.

C: Charlotte, the optimistic and reliable friend with classic taste in fashion and art.

D: Miranda, the intelligent, hardball feminist with a passion for justice and equality.

4: The qualities you like most in a palette include…

A: A good mix of bright, poppy colours and everyday neutrals that work well together and on their own.

B: Textures and colours that can be used elsewhere on your face as blush, bronzer, and highlighter as well.

C: Different intensities of similar shades with a good combination of mattes and shimmers.

D: Unique colours that are easy to blend and wear, with little-to-no fallout.

5: If you could travel anywhere right now (one can dream!), where would it be?

A: Tokyo! You’d love to catch a glimpse of the bright lights, bustling streets and hyper-modern culture.

B: Los Angeles – especially Malibu. You love warm weather and the easy, breezy nature of LA style.

C: Paris. A stroll along the river Seine or picnic at the Eiffel Tower would be a dream come true.

D: Barcelona (in a heartbeat)! The colour, passion, and culture of the city excites you.


Mostly As: Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette

You have a penchant for bright, mood-boosting colours, (the kind that match your upbeat energy) making this high-voltage palette the one for you. Peachy neutrals and euphoric purples are spiked with iridescent micro-shimmers for shades that make your eyes pop—bringing out the very best in brown, blue, and green eyes. Complete with matte, satin, shimmer, and holographic shades, these shadows look great worn alone, and even better together.

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Mostly Bs: MECCA MAX Dream Queen Eye and Face Palette

With a love for time-saving multitaskers (and no-brainer innovation), you’ll be glad to know that this convenient eye and face palette will deliver on the flushed and glowy goods—all while appealing to your quick-smart nature. Within minutes this palette of universally flattering shades can serve up a bronzy-peachy cheek and a warm smoky eye, which can be levelled-up for night with a deeper cheek or soft brown wing. With no time for fluff or intricacies, this dreamy mega palette is your perfect match.

Mostly Cs: Too Faced Born This Way Eye Shadow Palette

Inspired by Too Faced’s correl ating foundation range, this skin tone inspired (and enhancing) palette of 16 buttery shades is a must for those in search of the perfect neutrals palette. You tend to prefer classic, wearable tones, which gives you so much room to play with luxurious textures and finishes, making this palette’s mix of mattes, metallics, shimmers and sparkles perfect for you. Plus, these shadows are spiked with coconut water, hyaluronic acid and alpine rose for a super smooth appearance.

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Mostly Ds: Stila Road Less Traveled Eye Shadow Palette

Rich, earthy reds meet nature-inspired greens and golds in this enticing, adventure-driven palette, created to inspire its wearers on a new beauty trail. A weekend hike or drive along the coast makes you feel both inspired and grounded, and this palette of muted brights brings the tones of your adventures together in a whole new way. With incredible colour payoff and a very rare chance of fallout, we’re absolutely certain you’ll love it.

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