Make space on your bathroom shelf for these 11 newbies, landing in October

After SPRING CLEANING OUR BEAUTY STASH (with the determination and conviction only a beauty-lover can possess), there’s some free space in our shelves, bags and drawers, burning to be replenished with the latest in the beauty game. Next-gen skincare, mod scents, game-changing foundation and more never-befores are here—time to stock up.


If anyone knows how to nail spring beauty vibes, it’s Too Faced. Coming in hot with new drops throughout the month of October (some of which we still have to keep tight-lipped on), it would be a total fib to say we weren’t holding on tight for the release of their new Shake Your Palm Palms On The Fly Eyeshadow Palette.

Cute and compact, this eight-pan mini palette from the cult-classic colour brand features everything you need to create neutral yet bold looks. Universally flattering, each shade—whether it be a matte, shimmer or pearl—upholds Too Faced’s buttery, highly-pigmented shadow formulas, making layering, blending and serving serious looks so easy. To keep your killer eye look—and the rest of your face—in lockdown, Too Faced are rereleasing their Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray in a limited edition Peach scent (omg), so you can prime skin, set makeup and refresh in the sweetest way possible.


As the blossoms keep blooming into October, we’re going mad for fresh and lively floral scents, and this new drop from London-born perfumery Floral Street is sure to be a hot addition to our fragrance rotation. Floral Street is famous for giving flowery fragrances a contemporary update, and Electric Rhubarb is no exception. This is a fragrance for the sparkling, luminous, charming and fun-loving (it is Libra season, after all) and ties a bountiful bouquet of white florals and powdery sandalwood with English rhubarb and a fresh, unexpected burst of salty sea air. It’s perfectly intoxicating, without coming on too strong.


The shift to natural deodorants is well and truly in motion, and we are here. For. It. Direct from the USA by skincare expert J.P. Mastey, Corpus Naturals is a fundamentally different natural deodorant brand that delivers effective, natural formulas, with no compromises. As we become more and more aware of the nasties in traditional deodorants—but still wish to stay fresh throughout the day—it’s so important that we have natural alternatives that we can actually rely on. Lucky for us, Corpus Naturals is just that. Available in five fresh, gender-neutral scents, the deodorant is made from a water-based, vegan formula, and is scented with natural fragrance. It contains naturally-derived enzymes and plant extracts clinically proven to significantly reduce body odour, however it’s important to remember it’s a deodorant and not an antiperspirant—so don’t expect it to act like one. The glide-on formula is baking soda-free, and manufactured by renewable, solar and hydroelectric energy. If you haven’t tried a natural deodorant before, Corpus Naturals is the perfect place to start.

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We’re always open to new foundation forms and formulations (we’re still confused as to how every new drop one-ups the last), and luxe colour brand Kevyn Aucoin is serving up the latest innovation. Different to the liquids, creams, balms or even cushions that we’ve known (and loved) before, this cutting-edge foundation offers full coverage with a luminous, natural skin finish, in the form of an ultra-hydrating balm. The balm’s lightweight formula instantly evens out skin tone, blurs pores and smooth fine lines, all while hydrating and soothing the skin thanks to an infusion of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. If you’re partial to cream blushes and highlighters, this foundation makes a perfect base to melt your favourite colours into your cheeks. The Foundation comes in 20 shades, so if you’re ready to balm it up, head into store and ask one of our store hosts for a free shade-matching consultation.


It’s no surprise that everyone loves the cute, fruity and clean formulations from K-beauty queens, Glow Recipe, and the latest addition to the collection is just as exciting, innovative and Instagram-ready as the rest. It’s time to wake up with plump, firm, de-puffed under eyes, thanks to their new Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask. Unlike creams, eye masks aren’t a common inclusion in many skincare routines (for now), making this product stand out from the rest. The perfect pair to Glow Recipe’s most-loved Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, this gentle yet potent eye mask is formulated with coffeeberry, encapsulated retinol and of course, avocado, to address the damage caused by daily exposure to pollutants, fight the signs of ageing, and neutralise free radicals in the skin. Consider your beauty sleep levelled-up.


You heard it here first: the days of your cleansing oil leaking in your suitcase are OVER. Known for their cult-favourite cleansing balm, luxe skincare brand Eve Lom are dropping their unique Cleansing Oil Capsules—an iconic pot of travel-friendly capsules, filled with a potent powerhouse of cleansing oils that break down debris and nourish the skin. Oil cleansers are a must for removing all traces of makeup, working with the products on your face—not against them — to melt away the day. Rather than lugging around an entire bottle or tub of cleanser on weekend getaways, pop a few of these in your makeup bag and you’re good to go.


Skincare boosters are massively underrated, and can make a world of difference to the outcome of your daily routine. 111SKIN are true masters of their art, so when we heard that they were launching a collection of boosters, we were thrilled. A sucker for a rose gold glow, we can’t wait to mix this luminous, protective booster into our favourite moisturisers to deliver a lit-from-within glow that makes us look a whole lot less tired and dehydrated than we actually are (take this as your friendly reminder to drink a glass of water). Formulated with rose damask water and 24-karat gold extract (decadent, we know), this glow-getting booster adds moisture, soothes, prevents premature ageing and increases skin elasticity. Take it from us, this one’s a no-brainer addition to your October beauty haul.


Meet the new-age moisturiser that lives to serve you—literally. In technology that totally blows our mind, this multi-tasking moisturiser by Elemis is formulated to adapt to the skin’s needs, keeping your face looking balanced and smooth from dusk ‘til dawn, no matter what the day throws at you. As you glide it on, the lightweight cream delivers a burst of cooling hydration to the skin, leaving your skin primed with a satin-matte finish for the flawless application of any foundation—no matter the form. Mineral microspheres in the moisturiser absorb excess oil for a mattifying effect that never leaves your skin feeling dry—especially helpful when that 3pm shine kicks in. As the weather begins to warm up, start your day right with this skin-serving potion.


Essie is finally here and MY GOD are we excited! These nail polish icons dish up a next-level colour range, and as we shed our cold-weather layers of black, beige and grey (maroon if we’re going crazy), we just can't wait to jump into the colour pool that Essie offers. The polishes are seriously salon-quality, complete with a full-coverage formula that applies evenly to deliver a high-shine, chip-resistant manicure every time. At under $15, these polishes truly sell themselves (and make the perfect add-to-cart addition to become eligible for free shipping). One can never have enough nail polish, right?


For some time now our faces have been getting all the glow, and hair legends Bumble and Bumble reckon it’s about time we gave our hair some love. They've just dropped their new Glow Bond-Building Styler; a hair-smoothing treatment designed to strengthen your hair and keep it looking healthy and shiny. This product builds glow from the inside-out, deeply repairing lengths by rebuilding the bonds that keep the hair follicle strong and healthy—no not putting band-aids on problems here. With added heat and UV protection, this glow-getting formula also prevents against future damage whilst adding shine, smoothing frizz and providing a light hold for styling. If you’re looking to step up your hair game, start here.


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