WE TRIED IT: 7 masks at a time

It was a Sunday afternoon unlike any other. I stood in my bathroom with a MECCA bag on the basin filled with every type of mask I could get my hands on. I was ready—ready to take on the ultimate mask challenge: apply as many masks as I could, all at the same time. The idea came about after we recently launched BAWDY, a butt mask brand (yes, you heard right) that aims to combat gravity, detoxify and generally give your behind the love it deserves.

Intrigued, The Memo team thought it was worth trying it out, because how often does a butt mask land across your desk? And then, why stop at the butt mask when you could apply every other type of mask at the same time? Wild. It was our version of multi-masking on steroids, and my body was ready for the task at hand.

I knew it was going to be a challenge but didn’t realise it was going to also involve time keeping, balance and stifling a lot of laughter. Butt mask aside, I was most excited to try the foot mask, which was the mask that had to stay on the longest so I put that on first. The foot mask pack comes with Activating Essence (an exfoliating AHA and BHA botanical blend) which you pour into the pair of accompanying socks, before slipping your feet in and sealing them up. I thoroughly enjoyed squelching around my apartment in them. The results of that foot mask should happen any day now, my feet are meant to peel like some kind of reptile to reveal brighter, softer skin—I’m equal parts excited and mildly grossed out, but hey, any type of exfoliation is good and my dry winter skin needs it right now.

Up next I focused on the face. I applied a lip mask followed by an eye mask—both of which could we worn for a similar amount of time (around 10 to 15 minutes). The Mecca Cosmetica Bright Eyed Eye Mask promised me hydration, reduced puffiness and brighter under eyes. The Nano Gold Lip Mask from Knesko felt bougie, infused with gold particles (great for inflammatory properties) and niacinamide (improves fine lines and skin elasticity). I enjoyed how nourishing it felt on my lips and that I didn’t need to apply any lip balm for the rest of the day. Over the top of lips and eyes I applied Patchology Firm 5 Minute FlashMasque Sheet Masks For Face And Neck. At this point I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without laughing. I’m a serial neck ignorer when it comes to skincare, so the Patchology mask forced me to give it some TLC. Infused with firming peptides and soy protein, this five-minute mask woke up my skin and plumped things up a little too.

At this point in challenge I’m about half an hour in, with four masks on. Next up was hair, and I bent the rules with the hair mask, the instructions said to apply it in the shower after shampooing and leave it on for five minutes. I wasn’t about to step in the shower with my feet marinating and sheet masks layered on my face, so I applied it directly to my dry hair and hoped for the best.

Things got a little tricky from this point, and the challenge turned into a bit of a two-person job. Enter my boyfriend, who’s used to me playing with the latest skin care device in the bathroom or blending out a smoky eye before a night out; but this time it was different—I needed help. He was audibly terrified when he saw how I looked, but happily volunteered to apply the hand mask nonetheless. The mask uses the same technology as space blankets to create a heat barrier that locks in your natural body heat, gently raising the temperature inside the glove. Once on, I felt my hands warm up, allowing all the oils (macadamia and rosehip) inside the glove to seep into my hands. The only downside was I couldn’t pick anything up or scroll Insta and needed another set of hands to seal up the gloves. But, the result was soft hands and healthy-looking cuticles, so it was totally worth it.

Last, but(t) certainly not least was the Bawdy mask. I went for the Bite It Hydrating & Toning Butt Mask (it comes in two parts, one sheet per cheek) and again, it was a two-person job. I also knew that once it was applied I’d need to sit still or it would slide off, so I lay flat ensuring that my face stayed upright and my feet didn’t hang upside down in case the liquid dripped out of foot masks. It was a hilarious balancing act. When the time was up, I removed the hand masks (with some help), peeled off the butt mask (my skin did look a little smoother and pretty perky), off came the face masks and I jumped into the shower and removed the foot masks and washed out the hair mask. Phew! And as for the hair mask that I wore as a dry leave-in treatment instead in the shower? Still worked wonders and left my hair silky soft after I’d dried it. I’ll never thinking of masking the same way again.

Words by Emily Deacon
August 2019


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