Watch: the MECCA moments we can all relate to

A #MECCAMoment can strike at any moment. It’s the red lip that takes you from frantic at the office to dinner with the girls. It’s the ‘productive’ Saturday where you make plans to just stay at home with a face mask. It’s getting carried away with a ‘subtle’ makeup look and ending up looking like the girls on Euphoria.

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Press play to see what happens when three beauty BFFs have their #MECCAMoment interrupted…you’d hope they have a good excuse.

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Directed by Romy Frydman
Makeup by Gillian Campbell
Hair by Sophie Roberts
Styled by Romy Frydman and Freddie Fredericks
Props by Madeline McFarlane
Starring Holly, Rae and Bri
Produced by Romy Erdos and Kat Wilkinson