The powerful palettes MECCA HQ can’t live without

If there’s one thing that all of us here at MECCA HQ can decide on, it’s that every makeup kit—professional or personal—is incomplete without that one special palette. You know the one; it has the power to take your look from day to night, the right colours to make your eyes pop, and feeds your beauty needs regardless of whether you’re feeling lazy or experimental. It’s that one palette that ticks all the boxes and hits all the pans.

It’ll come as no surprise that the team at MECCA HQ have well and truly found their one true match, so we tapped some of our MECCA colleagues to give us the low-down on their end-game certified palettes. If you’re still searching for the one, keep reading.

“A shade and formula for each and every occasion”

My holy-grail eyeshadow palette that I cannot live without would have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. This palette provides me with every shade I could possibly need for an everyday eye look, along with shadows that help me achieve a bolder look, should I want to amp up the glam for a night out! The texture of the shadows are extremely buttery making blending a breeze. I also love the fact that the palette contains a mix of textures; from mattes to satins to metallics – there is a shade and formula for each and every occasion!
Brittieka, Influencer Relations Coordinator

“An oldie but a goodie”

An oldie but a goodie, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is my ultimate favourite that I just can’t live without. I adore the soft peach scent, the creamy mattes and silky metallics. I use at least one shade from this palette every day. ‘Peaches n Cream’ is great for the brow bone and used as a base, ‘Luscious’ illuminates the lid and ‘Summer Yum’ warms up the crease effortlessly. I love layering the deeper shades along the lash line to add more drama and smoke out the look. This iconic palette is a staple in my makeup wardrobe.
Lenita, Assistant Brand Manager

“It’s the palette I reach for the most!”

When the Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette launched I just knew I had to have it. It has a perfect assortment of shades from neutrals and browns to deep wine and peachy brights. The colours are buttery and super pigmented, and are the perfect tone for my blue eyes and red hair. Not to mention the sweet peachy scent is to die for. It’s the palette I reach for the most!
Caitlin, Finished Artist

“Choose wisely… or choose them all!”

For a self-appointed makeup aficionado choosing just one palette is an impossible task, so I've chosen seven—all of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes! From the Naked Reloaded to the Petite Heat, there is at least one palette for everyone—or all of them if you're like me. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the first palette I ever owned, the Naked2 Palette, but there is definitely enough room in my heart to fit them all. I am constantly reaching for the Naked Cherry for nights out, Naked 3 for a subtle day time look, and Naked Heat for summer vibes! For those of you out there bitten by the travel bug the smaller Naked Basics palettes are a god-send for packing light. Like I said, there’s something for everyone, so choose wisely… or choose them all!
Enya, eCommerce Merchandiser

“My daily chocolate fix”

I am a Too Faced Chocolate Bar gal. I am not super adventurous with colour, but I wear a soft brown smoky eye most days. This palette has all of the browns, bronzes and neutrals you could need, in particular to compliment a blue or green eye. It smells like chocolate so I feel like I’m getting my daily chocolate fix, minus the calories.
Lucy, Retail Skincare Manager


I might be biased, but I think the MECCA MAX 5 Minute Pocket Palette in Glow Off is just heavenly. It plays to my love for fresh, glowy skin – in 5 mins, max – and allows me to switch up my eye look throughout the week, or even the day. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my pale skin and I love the way the lip/cheek cream melts into my cheeks. I find the shimmery eyeshadow doubles as the perfect highlight, and loooove to dust it on my cheek and brow bones, cupids bow, and on the bridge of my nose. But what REALLY makes this palette holier-than-thou is the brilliant blue eyeshadow shade. I am SO glad this trend has made its way back from the 00’s and am prone to packing this shade on come Friday night (or even Monday morning if I’m in need of a boost).
Kerri, Content Coordinator

Words by Kerri Gordon
August 2019


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