Our MECCA men reveal their hero products

They may be outnumbered by their female colleagues at MECCA HQ but our MECCA men more than hold their own when it comes to office beauty talk. Skin-plumping ingredients? They’re all over it. Fragrance-literate? Absolutely. With the recent launch of a more expansive (and awesome) men’s offer on, we ask them to share their hero products and why they can’t live without them. Did someone say Christmas gifting?


Role: Digital Creative Lead

Hero Product: Frédéric Malle L’Eau D’Hiver

Why: “The name means ‘winter water’, and to me, feels like an impressionist watercolour painting. A beautiful interplay of warm and cold. I think it’s the master perfumer’s greatest work to date and I find it gets me into a creative and calm mood—that’s why I love it. I have around 50 fragrances but this is by far the easiest to wear.”


Role: Head of Artistry

Hero Product: Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil

Why: “I’ve been faithful to this oil for years…well, to be honest, I do have affairs with other products but I always come back to this—my first true love. It’s aromatherapy meets skin care, and it’s become my pre-sleep ritual. I wake up to bouncier, more radiant skin.”


Role: Head of Design

Hero Product: Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 Bio-Energising Cell Repair

Why: “I tell friends about this under-the-radar Paris brand and this product, and everyone gets hooked! There are 27 ingredients and I swear by the formula; it’s super-calming and really restorative—I often use it as a night treatment. I love the balm texture, too—it’s rich but quickly soaks into my skin.”


Role: Graphic Designer

Hero Product: Diptyque Feu De Boise Gris Candle

Why: “This is my chill candle! It’s my go-to because the coloured glass not only looks cool in my house but it also helps me forget the busy day as its warm, woody scent fills my living room.”


Role: Head of Education

Hero Product: Perricone MD Thio:Plex Intensive 2-Step Brightening System

Why: Warning: this product has a unique fragrance, however, it’s the smell of science and the smell of results! It’s full of Dr Perricone’s signature technologies, or as I call it, a buffet of nutrients. It lifts, tightens, brightens skin, and plumps it all up.”


Role: Designer

Hero Product: Le Labo Patchouli 24

Why: "I first discovered Le Labo when I was living in NYC and I was so excited when I returned home to find it at MECCA. It has an earthy quality that I like, and packs a kind of tough, smokey, woody punch.”

Words by Louisa De Kievit
Photos by Earl Carter
November 2017


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