The 2019 beauty that really, truly impressed MECCA HQ


This might not come as a surprise to you (actually, it definitely won’t), but here at MECCA HQ, we’re beauty obsessed. We talk about serums, shadows and scents day in and day out—amongst rumblings of reality TV and the latest true crime podcast—and are always keen to know what our colleagues are using and loving (mostly so that we can get in on any untapped greats too). While there are a plethora of all-round bestsellers that we love as much as you do—think Go-To Face Hero, Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer—there’s a seemingly endless list of golden finds our team have been relying on for their good looks and contagious charm all 2019-long. Here’s some of them.

“It’s a must-have I didn’t know I needed”

I received the NARS Voyageur Palette in Nectar as a present and thought, ‘oh, not another palette’ (I’m already well-stocked in the palette department). But this palette is honestly unlike any other I’ve ever owned. I LOVE and use all the shades—it’s unheard of! I’m the kind of palette user where, at a maximum, three shades are used and polished off, leaving the remaining shades to live an un-loved life in the tray. I’m a sucker for these shadows because they all make my blue eyes pop, and that’s really all I could really ask for. Plus, it’s relatively compact and great to pop in your bag and use on the go. Cannot rave about it highly enough; it’s a must-have I didn’t know I needed.

- Janey, Graduate (Regulatory Compliance)

“It’s as integral to my morning routine as a double espresso”

“I’ve tried countless scrubs, alpha hydroxy acids and even microdermabrasion in the pursuit of peak smoothness, but nothing has exfoliated my oily skin as impressively as Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder by AMOREPACIFIC. Powered by botanical enzymes and activated with water, it brightens, polishes and annihilates pesky dead skin cells in a gentle but genuine way. It’s as integral to my morning routine as a double espresso—except it uses green tea to perk up lacklustre skin.”

- George, Content Manager

“I bought it for my boyfriend and stole it back”

I think Perricone MD is so underrated—so much so that I ended up stealing back the Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser that I bought for my boyfriend (I ran out of my previous cleanser, tried it, and next minute it was mine). It is such a good second cleanse/morning cleanser (I also use Drunk Elephant Slaai Cleanser to take off makeup at night). I feel like it’s such a generic thing to say about a cleanser, but I can confirm it DOES NOT STRIP, but adds softness instead—your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom, plus smell like ripe, juicy mandarins after each use. I also find that this almighty cleanser sneakily adds brightening and toning benefits without the effort of an extra serum.

- Laura, Digital Media Specialist

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“It acts like your personal glam squad in a mere 20 minutes”

It was a real challenge picking out just one item I love from MECCA, but I just can’t go past my holy grail favourite: the Bright Eyed Eye Mask from Mecca Cosmetica. Whether I’ve got a big event to prep for, or I’m just trying to fool my work colleagues into thinking I got a respectable eight hours of sleep (when I got five—damn you, Netflix!), this under-eye mask is a game-changer. It brightens, lifts, hydrates and minimises puffiness—acting like your personal glam squad in a mere 20 minutes. It’s perfect for the party season and I can’t recommend it enough.

- Samantha, Brand Marketing Coordinator

“The perfect light gold illuminator”

2019 was definitely the year of glow, and I’ve got a new favourite—the Jouer Highlighter in Citrine, a.k.a. the perfect light gold illuminator. It’s a super soft and creamy powder highlighter that just melts into your skin—no chunky glitter or texture in sight! On a typical workday, I’ll blend out a light dusting for a subtle sheen. For a pick-me-up, I’ll layer it on for that little something extra. If I’m going out, I’ll spritz it with setting spray for an out-of-this-world blinding shine. From that healthy and hydrated look to an insane glow, it does it all!

- Wensi, Merchandise Strategy Manager

“No doubt in my mind that this palette was the inspiration for Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar

If I told you I had been counting down the days until the Morphe Jeffree Star Artistry Palette became available at MECCA, I would be lying: I was counting down the SECONDS. The pinks are just as punchy on the lid as they are in the pan, and the greens are just something else. I always use it in conjunction with the Urban Decay Primer Potion (which I’m a shamed to admit will make your shadow last through the entire day, overnight, and to brunch the next day), and like to pair my bold eye looks with fresh, glowy, tinted moisturiser-ed skin. I have no doubt in my mind that this palette was the inspiration for Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar.

- Kerri, Content Coordinator

“I pretty much use it at every step of my routine”

The Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil is super lightweight and treats my trifecta of hair issues—dry, coarse and coloured. It blends a bunch of essential oils that work together to nourish, strengthen and protect my self-sabotaged strands, with UV filters and a heat protectant to prevent future damage. I pretty much use it at every step of my routine: I’ll add a pump to my conditioner to boost its hydration prowess, cocktail it with a styling lotion for smooth, frizz-free waves and then go back in again on day three when my ends are looking worse for wear.

- Sara, Brand Marketing Manager

“An old favourite of mine that always has a place in my fragrance wardrobe”

Le Labo’s Rose 31 is a contemporary unisex take on a rose fragrance, and an old favourite of mine that always has a place in my fragrance wardrobe. Floral, musky with a dry woody base, it’s an exotic interplay of contrasting qualities—clean yet lived-in, feminine yet masculine, subtle yet noticeable... The layering shower gel and body lotion is a luxurious gesture to extend the sillage!

- Jae, Digital Design Director

“I’ve been buying it for years”

Not a lot impresses me with skincare anymore because I find most products just maintain the status quo of my skin without kicking it up in the next gear. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Mask is not one of those products. Confession: I’ve actually been buying it for years so I’m so relieved Kiehl’s is now back at MECCA. It sucks everything out of your face (you can actually see where the mask sits on your pores) when you’re feeling a bit congested, but doesn’t tighten or aggravate my slightly dry skin.

- Zara, Head of Content


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