Meet Louise Zhang, the artist behind our 2020 Holiday packaging

In support of our annual efforts to elevate and empower women achieving in the arts, we have partnered with the National Gallery of Victoria to collaborate with exceptionally talented Chinese-Australian artist, Louise Zhang. Figurative yet fantastical, Zhang's multidisciplinary practice draws upon her modern identity and emotions, as well as traditional Chinese mythology and botany. Her captivating use of colour graces our limited-edition holiday packaging this year.

“The paintings come from my explorations into my culture,” says Zhang of her art. “I’m inspired by landscape, botany, folklore and particularly symbolism and art motifs in Chinese culture.” For her, the organic evolution of her artworks – changing, and transforming as she progresses – is what thrills her. “You might have an idea in your head of what something might look like, but when you start painting it ends up quite different. That’s the really exciting part.”

As a proud Chinese-Australian artist, her delving into inspiration behind her art has paved the way for her to understand more about her Chinese heritage. “Things in Chinese culture that may be very commonplace for my parents, to me, is like a new discovery.” With its vibrancy and touch of surrealism, Zhang’s aim with her work is to “contribute to the world through calmness, but also a sense of joy. I’m hoping people will see my work and feel calm and inspired.”

Interlaced across this year’s limited-edition holiday packaging (including our ready-to-gift sets and crackers by Mecca Cosmetica), you’ll notice striking pops of pink and red adorned with oriental botany, which comes to life in vivid yellows, purples and blues. Celebrating the unique nature of her work, each bag, box, and set captures a new and intricate cross section of Zhang’s piece—one that might not have been noticed by the naked eye.

This collaboration was made possible with MECCA’s ongoing partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria as part of our quest to empower women in the arts. MECCA has also contributed towards the acquisition of a group of works by Zhang, which will be on display at the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia (Federation Square, Melbourne) from late 2020.

WATCH: Meet Louise Zhang, the artist behind MECCA's 2020 Holiday Packaging


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