What your favourite ‘Little Women’ sister says about your skincare

With the 92nd Academy Awards in view, all the buzz at MECCA HQ is on Greta Gerwig’s adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, which stars leading ladies Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern (*inhales*) and Meryl Streep, as well as our office-wide crush, Timothée Chalamet, in a film so beautiful to watch we just can’t stop talking about it. While the cast itself is studded, to say the least, the true star of the film is the insanely modern nature of the themes addressed—although published by Alcott in 1868, the story is fiercely feminist, relatable and ever so subtly gender-bending; and Gerwig’s version of events in the novel’s sixth film version have been lauded as perhaps one of the best retellings yet. In the midst of deciphering which of us in the office are Jos—or Amys, Megs or Beths—we strategically compiled the most-likely skincare the four archetypes would be reaching for, and after much consideration, we think we’re pretty spot on. Start scrolling.


Inspired by the author herself, who never quite prescribed to society’s expectations of what a woman should and shouldn’t be, Little Women’s protagonist Jo March (played by Saoirse Ronan) is undeniably modern for her 19th century origins, fighting for the power, independence and equality of women, rather than a traditional fairytale ending. Preferring the name Jo to her more effeminate full name, Josephine, the iconic March sister is an empowered, strong-willed feminist, described as quintessentially tomboy-ish, and a book-worm in the truest form. If you are so inclined to more Jo-esque traits, and seek no-frills, low-fuss skincare that does what is says on the bottle, we’d recommend bypassing 12-step regimes and millennial pink packaging for reliable, affordable, ingredient-led brands and products that stand by their promises. Cleanse, tone and spot-treat with Mario Badescu’s bestsellers, hydrate with the bestselling moisturiser, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, and when in need, treat yourself to one of Origin’s hardworking masks. Like Jo, these brands are every bit authentic as they are innovative, and will forever lead the way.


Meg is the eldest of the March sisters, played by Emma Watson in Gerwig’s latest iteration. She’s your classic 19th-century girl; romantic and feminine, her greatest ambition (despite Jo’s dismay) to one day marry and start a family. As she says to Jo, “Just because my dreams are different than yours, it doesn't mean they're unimportant.” And—spoiler alert—she does. Meg remains a hopeless romantic with a taste for the finer things in life (even when she can’t necessarily afford them). We’ve all been there, but rather than overspending on a yard of silk, the Megs amongst us are splurging on Tatcha’s silk-centric range, complete with a moisturiser, primer and eye cream that lives up to the brand’s industry prowess (and some). All about small tokens of luxury, those like Meg will appreciate unique moments of ‘bougieness’ woven into their routines. Think Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil, or Chantecaille’s Gold Recovery Mask.

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Although not necessarily as strong in will as her three sisters, Beth March is a literal angel, keeping her chaotic sisters balanced with her calm, gentle nature. Naturally gifted with musical ability and totally content in her independence, Beth is significantly different to her siblings, and, at times, lives in her own enchanted world (one in which she feeds her purple-eyed porcelain doll with porridge). Gerwig’s Beth, played by Eliza Scanlen, is visually fairy-like, with flushed, ivory skin, flowing red hair and a penchant for a flower crown. For the flower-children like Beth, gentle, botanical-inspired brands are likely to be your port of call—think Clark’s Botanicals which harnesses the healing properties of the jasmine flower, calming cleansers and toners from Galinée and Ren, and ethereal mists, serums and essences from Omorovicza. Perfect for the sensitive souled (and skinned), just like Beth.


Amy March—played by sass-queen herself, Florence Pugh, in what will go down as an audience-favourite depiction of Amy—is 100% that 19th century b*tch, serving up big little-sibling energy all the way through the film. She’s fiery and selfish in all the best (and worst—but understandable) ways and gets just about everything she wants (an art-trip to Paris with Meryl Streep and Timothée Chalamet’s Laurie, included). Amy is an undeniable Leo, and, like many of us, lives for the drama. For those lusting after the latest and the greatest, we could only imagine trendy, active-driven brands like Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley would find themselves home on your skincare shelf, coupled with a slew of devices and rollers, and a healthy stash of luxurious sheet masks (especially that of 111Skin’s Rose Gold Mask, perfect for wearing while burning your older sister’s novel in the fireplace).

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He might not be a March sister, but the presence of the bored, wealthy neighbour, Laurie (who happens to be a total larrikin and serious cutie), is just as important as any of the four sisters. In today-speak, Laurie would be an indie-music, indie-film-loving softboy (see: Seth Cohen, Dan Humphrey)—he’s a little lost, but instead of going off the rails in a rebellion of his privileged upbringing, relies on the company and liveliness of the sisters to maintain his happiness (whether that be Jo, his initial love interest, or Amy, his second interest and later, wife). Now, instead of playing the same Mac Demarco albums over and over and using four-in-one products for, well, everything, the Laurie-types are listening to Harry Styles and nicking skincare from their sisters and girlfriends’ cupboards. As per Laurie’s tastes, this would likely be a mix of basic cleansers from Jo’s stash, and indulgent creams and masks from Amy’s. He probably keeps a Kosas Lip Fuel in his pocket, too.


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