We try the latest TikTok trend for getting plumped up lips – minus the downtime

Recently, it seems like every other day there’s a new must-try beauty trend making the rounds on social media, and now we have all the time in the world to try them (especially those of us in Melbourne). But there’s one in particular that is 100% MECCA approved for plumping up your lips without the downtime of getting fillers injected. Beauty fans all over the world are obsessed with Too Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Gloss and are showing off their before-and-afters on TikTok, so we wanted to jump on and show you our own! Trust us that this isn’t the Kylie Jenner lip challenge (or an episode of ‘Botched’) – there will be no shot glasses or bruising here. Keep on reading to see the real-life results of this lip plumping trend as well as some other tips for making your lips look their fullest.


The plumping gloss is formulated with capsicum; a mild irritant that’s medically proven to dilates the blood vessels and cause the lips to become fuller. That’s what causes the tingling sensation when you apply – but stay strong through it to see the results! It also has avocado and jojoba oils that hydrate the lips and infuse them with antioxidants that fade fine lines and wrinkles over time, so your looks look fuller for longer.

Jemma from MECCA HQ gave it a try – here’s what she had to say and her lip plumping before-and-afters:

“When applying, it glides on easily like a clear gloss with no stickiness whatsoever. It works well on top of other lip products for added volume and shine, or on its own – accentuating the natural colour of your lips. After a couple of minutes, you’ll feel a tingling sensation that fades away fairly quickly (another five or 10 minutes). If you haven’t tried a lip plumping formula before, try the original formula first. When I apply it, my lips are slightly fuller and plumper, the colour is bright and even, and it has a beautiful glossy finish.” – JEMMA, MECCA HQ

Still not convinced? Try some of these alternatives to treat your lips for a more subtle plumping effect.


The simplest thing that will make the biggest difference is keeping your lips hydrated with a balm or a mask treatment. Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm is formulated with lanolin to plump up the lips with moisture instantly and keep them hydrated all day (plus it can be used for dry patches anywhere on your body). For an overnight mask, the Lip De Luscious Treatment by Mecca Cosmetica uses shea butter and vitamin E to repair dry, cracked or chapped lips for a smoother surface – enhancing their volume. Similarly, the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask also hydrates and locks in moisture while infusing the lips with antioxidants that fade the appearance of fine lines for a fuller, more supple look.


Luminous and voluminous; a slick gloss not only adds shine to your lips but instantly makes them look bigger. The Gloss Boss Lip Gloss range from MECCA MAX has a glass-like finish that catches light in a way that gives the appearance of full, plump lips. Plus, they feel soft and nourishing – never stick or gooey. Or, for an ultra-luxe option, The Lip Volumiser is La Mer’s specially formulated lip-plumping gloss. It has an iridescent shine and minty-cool tingle that stimulates the lips to increase volume (but not to the same extent as the Lip Injection). Inspired by serums, it also has active ingredients that boost collagen and elastin production, so the natural fullness of your lips will increase with repeated use of this incomparably soft gloss.


To get your lips to peak plumpness, you need to take a skincare mentality. Gently exfoliating not only removes dead skin cells but also evens the tone of your lips and fades fine lines and wrinkles, so your lips look fuller. The Watermelon Glow Lip Pop by Glow Recipe has a physical exfoliant in coconut flower sugar that melts after scrubbing, and a chemical exfoliant in flower derived AHAs, completely smoothing the texture of your lips. Plus, it adjusts to the pH of your lips to give you a personalised tint that you can wear all day.

Alternate this with the Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion for a shot of hydrating hyaluronic acid and plumping collagen. It’s clinically proven to deliver softer, smoother, more defined lips in just a few days. By alternating with an exfoliant, you’re allowing the targeted serum to penetrate deeper into the lips and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles at an increased rate. Together, these products are a skincare-powered recipe for full lips – no injections required.


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