The Marie Kondo of makeup on how to declutter your beauty routine


Decluttering is a hot topic right now. We’re all asking if our possessions spark joy and promptly disposing of them if they don’t—Marie Kondo got us good, right? If, like most people, you’ve cleared space in your wardrobe and your beauty cabinet is next on the list to tackle, then you’ll probably like lilah b. This relatively new buzzy beauty brand (created in 2015) is here for simple, streamlined beauty. We’re talking clean, botanical-based, multipurpose products that deliver on pigment and performance. At the helm is founder Cheryl Yannotti Foland, who after making the move from New York to California, adopted a healthier minimalistic lifestyle and wanted a beauty routine to match. “After turning minimalist, I knew that others craved the same philosophy… and so, lilah b. was born,” says Cheryl. To celebrate the launch of lilah b. at MECCA, The Memo chatted to Cheryl about five simple rules to consider when it comes to simplifying your beauty routine.

1. Break habits

The lilah b. founder, who describes herself as a former maximalist, is realistic about how difficult it is to cull your makeup collection. “It was very apparent that the world of colour cosmetics had become frivolous and confusing,” she remembers, after having spent years in the industry consulting brands on marketing strategy, as well as being a luxury beauty consumer herself. “I believe that with less ‘stuff’ and simplifying your life, you can be more. Lightening the load can be so freeing. Our collection allows the modern day woman to do just that with their beauty routine,” she says.

2. Only keep the products you use on the regular

“For so many years, women have been encouraged to buy more, use more, layer more—complicating beauty when it truly doesn’t have to be,” says Cheryl. “In reality, we usually have our favourite three or four go-to products. Why carry them all?” she adds.

3. Invest in products that have more than one use

lilah b.’s philosophy is simple: less is more. “I’ve made beauty simple again by giving women multiple uses across each of our products so three lilah b. products is truly all you need. Each and every product in the collection is multipurpose, offering 2, 3 or even 4 products in one,” says Cheryl. When creating a new product in the lineup, Cheryl sets her chemists the challenge of ensuring it’s multipurpose but doesn’t compromise on performance or longevity. “It takes time and advanced innovation,” she says. “Our Divine Duo Lip & Cheek also triples as a creamy eyeshadow and our Sunkissed Bronzer Duo has two shades, used to highlight and contour and can be used as eyeshadow,” she says. And the one product she won’t leave the house without? “My Divine Duo Lip & Cheek is the perfect single product to carry for the ultimate touch-up for lip, cheek or eye late in the day,” she adds.

4. Opt for sleek, space-saving packaging

Everyone knows that riffling through a bag full of bulky makeup isn’t ideal, and as a consumer for many years herself, this is front of mind for Cheryl. “I had grown tired of spending good money on a product that either chipped or looked horrible after just a short period of time bumbling around in my makeup bag,” she says. And as for lilah b.’s smooth stone-like packaging? “Living in New York in the 90s, I was always drawn to Elsa Peretti’s designs for Tiffany & Co. Her fluid, organic shapes are soothing and provide a peaceful sensory experience. Her designs were truly the inspiration behind our pebble-like components that have become iconic to the lilah b. brand,” adds Cheryl.

5. Consider makeup with skin care benefits

If your skin care routine needs decluttering too, then think about how you can incorporate skin-loving ingredients when you apply your makeup, reducing the need to apply too many products beforehand. Many of the ingredients included in lilah b. products not only provide colour payoff but also benefit the skin. For Cheryl, what’s not included in her products (synthetic fragrance, parabens and sulfates) is just as important as what is. “It was important that as a clean beauty brand, when stripping out the “bad” ingredients that we spend the time and money to add beneficial botanical ingredients. As a result, our formulations are not only clean, they are providing a multitude of benefits to healthier skin,” says Cheryl.

Interview by Emily Deacon
April 2019


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