Hand care is self-care: MECCA’s best hand creams, sanitisers and washes for dry hands

Right now, we are all striving to be as squeaky clean as can be, and as many of us have learnt, that has come with the cost of dry, rough hands—the kind that sting as you dip them into the bag of salt and vinegar chips keeping you company during your third Gossip Girl/Friends/Mad Men re-watch since March.

A little extra care can go a long way, so we’re sharing the hand care favourites keeping our mitts in prime (and at the very least, comfortable) condition, while also lifting our moods with addictive scents.


Since that hand-washing technique meme went viral earlier in the year (this one), we’ve been inspired to embrace the lather for at least 20 seconds before rinsing any suds away. Rather than it being thoughtless task, we’ve been using longer, more regular hand washes as moments of mindfulness: taking a deep breath, feeling every nook of your hands and the velvetiness of the lather. Re-energising the senses is everything right now (iso has made us really into aromatherapy), which is precisely why a bright, refreshing scent is key.

Fresh and awakening, Bastide’s Figue d'Ete Artisanal Liquid Hand Wash is reminiscent of crisp leaves and a perfectly ripened summer fig—it’s formulated with a coconut and olive oil base to ensure it nourishes rather than strips. The light scent of Byredo’s Tulipmania Hand Wash will transport your mind to spring, while softening with castor oil and protecting the skin barrier with glycerin.


Lady Gaga might have given us Chromatica—and Taylor Swift, Folklore—but the true breakthrough star of 2020 has, without a doubt, been the humble hand sanitiser. Protecting us between grocery shops, coffee runs, haircuts, and everything in between, the stringent liquid has been with us through it all (and unfortunately, our hands are showing it). If your sanitiser has stripped your hands of all moisture, keep an eye out for next-gen formulas with ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.

Perfect for your pocket, French-born Merci Handy’s Namaste Hand Cleaning Gel smells fresh and clean, leaving your hands smooth and nourished. For your home and handbag, our Mecca-ssentials Rinse-Free Hand Cleansing Gel is the one, enriched with soothing, healing, and hydrating ingredients, leaving your hands germ-free and smelling like a soft, floral dream.

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A good hand cream will relieve all the stress you have put your hands through for the greater part of this year. Making a choice from 57 different creams, however, can get a little overwhelming. Here’s a helpful run-down of our top picks for over-washed hands.

Le Labo Hand Lotion Hinoki: This vegan lotion is guaranteed to make you feel bougie every time you step into your bathroom or bedroom. It’s formulated with sweet almond to moisturise, safflower oil to smooth and goldenrod to protect, with a Hinoki scent inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan.

Buly Pommade Concrète Hand and Foot Cream: The artisanal aluminium tube of this is hand care staple is pure luxury in itself. Perfect for hands that have had it tough, this pomade formula combines shea butter, sesame oil, beeswax and chamomile to nourish, heal, protect and soothe the skin.

Diptyque Fresh Lotion for the Body: Satisfyingly soft and perfectly delicate, this hand and body lotion hydrates skin without a sense of greasiness, thanks to a fluid consistency and serve of hydrating hyaluronic acid. It leaves your hands with a lingering orange blossom scent, one that is anything but overpowering.

Mecca Cosmetica Nourishing Hand Cream: With a goal of hydrating and heal ing, Mecca Cosmetica’s signature hand cream lets moisture-replenishing avocado oil and hyaluronic acid penetrate into the skin instantly, leaving your hands soft, soothed and residue-free, with a subtle woody scent.


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