4 hair tips: the minimum you need to do for the best possible results

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: why are we investing so much into our skin, and then totally neglecting our hair? For so many—even the beauty-inclined—the concept of a hair routine has not progressed since toddlerhood; shampoo, then condition. It’s wild, right? Taking care of your hair by incorporating just a handful of basics will show immediate results and make everyday styling significantly easier. And, if you’re smart about it, it takes little to no extra time.

Whether you are hair-obsessed or a total novice, these four uncomplicated hair essentials are the starter kit you need for your best, most manageable hair yet.



Slower weekends, a new work-from-home normal and productive Netflix binges (definitely a thing), are proof that there is time to add a weekly hair treatment to your schedule, without making a dent into your free time.

A good hair treatment will do everything you’ve likely asked of your shampoo and conditioner, but have not yet experienced in return. With clarification powers beyond any shampoo, an exfoliating treatment that targets at the roots, such as Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub, will go the extra mile to clear the scalp of product and oil build-up, lingering dead skin cells and blocked follicles (the pores of your scalp). The inclusion of traditionally ‘skincare’ ingredients like AHAs and BHAs (which the Drunk Elephant scrub is packed with) will help to do this rapidly.

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If your ends are of more concern to you than your roots—and dryness, breakage and frizz are your focus—a richly hydrating mask-like treatment will serve you well (but by all means, use both). 3MoreInches’ Pre Wash Treatment is one of those that you can pretty much guarantee will make a difference. By using it for 45 minutes before shampooing, every second time you wash your hair, you’ll notice stronger, shinier hair that’s far more resilient to heat styling, colouring and the sun, and far less prone to breaking.



Regardless of if you plan on using heat to style, the right leave-in will change your hair game. Like our skin, our hair is extremely absorbent—so if we’re loading up our faces with serums, oils and creams after cleansing, why aren’t we giving our hair the same love? There’s no pressure to go gung-ho with a face-like routine—just one leave-in (whether it be an oil, cream, mousse or primer)—is a good place to start. If you have super thirsty ends, you could start with an oil, but if you’re looking for a long list of benefits from one single product, keep reading.

Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer is a blend of six weightless oils, formulated to soften, silken, defrizz, detangle and protect hair against damage—whether that be the heat of styling tools, or the drying effects of the sun. Think of it as a hydrating sunscreen for your hair, perfect for pretty much all hair types, and especially those prone to damage and dryness.

For the curly kind, Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer should be your first port of call. In an act of utter witchcraft, this formula of aloe, wheat protein, and vitamins B5 and E expands and then retracts the hair follicle, intensifying the shape of curls while boosting shine and taming frizz. As curls are often prone to dryness, which can inhabit the structure of each strand and result in frizz rather than bounce, this protective enhancer delivers the perfect amount of moisture and nourishment to the hair. Diffuse, ‘plop’, or even air-dry, and you’ll notice an immediate change to your curls.

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Need we say more? Whoever invented dry shampoo deserves a medal (and as far as we can see, that was New Jersey’s ‘Stephanie Brooke Company’ who commercialised the stuff in the early ‘40s). Whether you’re trying to preserve a salon style, train your hair to require less washing, or are just not in the mood for the full wash and dry (let’s face it, that screen won’t love you any less if your hair is clean or in a messy topknot), a dry shampoo is your best friend.

As well as being great for the greasier days, a good dry shampoo doubles up as a styling product, adding grit (especially great for slippery, hard-to-style straight hair), texture, and a chic, mattified finish to your hair. We’re confident in saying that if you haven’t used one before, it will change your (hair) life (like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo did ours).



No matter what anyone says, a high-quality heat styler is the true secret to achieving salon style hair at home. With the right flick of the wrist, what may have been deemed uncontrollable frizz can be transformed into sleek, straight lengths, and dead-straight hair can ‘Cinderella’ into voluminous, bouncing waves—the beachy type, the s-bend type, and even the Hollywood type.

While a blow dryer can give you volume, shine and, well, dryness, and a tong can deliver on curls, a ghd IV Styler is the one to do it all, with minimal hair damage thanks to ceramic plates and temperature control. Having saved up my pocket money at 12 years old to purchase the ghd Styler that I still use to this day, I can’t stress enough what a worthy investment this tool truly is.


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