Got coloured hair? Here's 3 tips to keep it salon-fresh

Lest we forget the lessons we learnt in 2020 – and no, we don’t mean how to bake that perfect sourdough. We’re talking about how to maintain our best beauty lives without manicurists, beauticians or hairdressers on call. While some things were better left to the pros (uh, brow shapes) others, like maintaining your colour, can easily be DIY’d – with the right products. Here’s three at-home hair tips and treatments to keep your hair in salon-worthy condition.

1. Tone it down

Anyone who’s ever had highlights will know that brassiness is the enemy of blondes. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for that: purple toning shampoo. The purple pigment helps to neutralise the yellow (or ‘brassiness’) to keep colour fresh. We love AVEDA Blonde Revival™ Purple Toning Shampoo for a gentle, sulphate-free variant that can be left on the hair for up to three minutes depending on how much toning is needed.

2. Make masks mandatory

Skincare masks have become a weekly ritual in most of our beauty routines, but hair often misses out on the love. Using a mask just once a week is one of the fastest ways to get the kind of glossy lengths hair commercials are made for, and can help repair the damage caused by bleach and colour processing. Take Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque, which uses Evening Primrose and Camellia Oil to repair things like split ends and strengthen hair overnight. Or another favourite, Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask which is clinically proven to decrease breakage, control frizz and add a much-needed shot of hydration to the hair.

3. Customisation is key

Using a shampoo and conditioner that isn’t suited to your hair type is like wearing a foundation four shades off your actual skin tone – sure, you’ll get coverage, but it’s not, well, optimal. Maximise the efficacy of your daily wash by customising your hair products to both your hair type and your concerns.

And if you’re overwhelmed by the quagmire of colour protectors, look no further than the world leader, Olaplex, whose award-winning treatments are proven to avoid and undo hair damage, restoring compromised hair by repairing from the inside, out.


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