Stop ignoring your hair, now's the time to give back

If you and your hair are on bad terms or just haven’t been getting along lately, now is the time to repair the relationship, nurture this bond and spend some quality time on those tresses.

At-home hair care is usually relegated to one of two places: the ‘too hard basket’, or the ‘I’ve got nothing better to do’ Sunday ritual. But that ends here, especially if you find yourself with a little more time on your hands lately.

If the salon is out of the question for now, develop and refine an at-home hair care routine that is easily maintained, fun and, most importantly, effective. You’ve ignored your hair for too long so use this down time to put down the hair tools and lean into a hair care routine that gives back to the strands that you demand so much from.

For the hair tool addict

Heat styling enthusiasts should remember healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, especially if a bouncy curl or long-lasting wave is your go-to.

It may be hard to hear, but we do suggest putting down the styling tools for an extended period of time and experimenting with hair nourishing formulas instead. This is exactly why Tiffany Masterson of Drunk Elephant concocted the T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub, which has acids to break down product build-up and dead skin cells. For a set, keep Frank Body’s Non-Stop Hair Duo Kit on hand to remove stubborn product build-up via the Scalp Scrub, then follow up with the Caffeinated Hair Mask every other week to keep hair soft and strong. If it's your shampoo and conditioner that just aren't cutting it, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Joia Strengthening and Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner is a sulphate-free duo suitable for all hair types that cleanse, protect and fight frizz. Return to the tools when you’ve given your hair a suitably lengthy holiday.

For dyed or dead strands

Some strands are always going to be more high maintenance than others, especially if you’re dealing with coloured hair or damage. If this is the case, we don’t suggest a ‘less is more’ approach; In fact, the opposite. Consider time allotted for beauty sleep as a way to keep on top of your hair’s health by investing in an overnight treatment like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector and silk accessories like Slip’s Silk Pillowcases and Scrunchies, which help fend off further damage and breakage.

A new hair care regimen must include a reliable shampoo and conditioner team too. Otherwise, quite frankly, what’s the point? If minimising heat damage and protecting are the desired results, stick to a brand like Aveda to help repair and curtail bad hair behaviour. The brand’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner do just as the name suggests and help rebuild hair from root to tip, a promising proposition for those struggling to get on top of badly damaged or dry hair.

For the minimalist

Hair care might be the last thing on your to-do list and you may even be of the opinion that hair masks are a waste of time but there is a low maintenance routine out there for you too. Those who are time poor or simply not willing to waste too much energy on upkeep should assess their routine and pinpoint a moment when adding one extra step won’t feel like a hassle.

If you’re a firm believer in a morning shower, slip Sachajuan’s Hair Repair treatment in before bed, twist into a knot and sleep peacefully knowing this treatment is working its magic while you rest. Simply wash out in the morning (no need to switch up your shampoo and conditioner routine) and go. Or, if your daily sweat is pencilled in, apply the treatment beforehand, workout and then rinse. A minimalist hair routine is easy to accommodate, just be sure to plan ahead.


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