Get a taste of Queensland’s most exclusive wellness retreat in the heart of the Sydney CBD

Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland on 200 hectares of bushland and valley views is Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. A wellness destination designed to give you the rest of your life (pun acknowledged), it’s low tech, organic living at its purest; a cocoon from the distractions and stress of the external world, and the biggest draw card of the ecotourism nirvana? The spa. Largest in the Southern Hemisphere and the 2020 winner of the World’s Best Eco Spa (the only Australian spa to ever receive the prestigious international award), this spa is something truly special. While we can’t bring the view, we can bring you some of that Gwinganna spa magic, with two curated treatments offered exclusively at the MECCA flagship. Here’s what you need to know.

Genuine Gwinganna

You might be in the middle of your favourite MECCA store, but this experience is the real deal. Delivered by two of Gwinganna’s most in-demand therapists, each begins with an intention ceremony that allows your therapist to identify what is needed in your life at this time, which sets intentions and guides the path of the treatment. This practice is inspired by the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas whose beliefs centred around universal energy. They knew that “energy flows where attention goes”, so by finding and acknowledging your energy needs, they can direct the flow to release stress and blockages and lead you back to a harmonious state.

Decisions, decisions

Two Gwinganna treatments are on offer at our first flagship store, both deeply relaxing with powerful bodywork that adapts to your individual needs, but with different techniques. The Gwinganna Signature Experience, specifically created to bring the best of Gwinganna to MECCA, uses hot stones, Kahuna and remedial massage along with sound healing as your body’s vibration is brought to a place of alignment. It is a deeply nurturing treatment that will leave you calm, restored and often transformed. Everything running in your head is suddenly closed and you feel renewed to start fresh, aware of your body, heart and mind and ready to make conscious choices for better wellbeing. We know. Amazing.

The Gwinganna Pure Tranquility treatment is taken straight from the retreat’s menu. It is specifically designed for those who know they are overwhelmed. Whether it’s psychological, emotional or physical stressors exhausting you, this treatment will soothe and heal deep layers of fatigue and anxiety. It uses a fusion of esoteric practices and localised massage techniques, so expect energy cleansing, a foot bath, Indian head massage, body reading and chakra awareness. It’s a powerful experience that leaves you better able to understand your emotional intelligence, motives and the body-mind connection. If you're suffering from heartbreak, an extreme mental load, an all-encompassing job or anything that’s left you feeling life a shell of yourself, is this treatment for you.

Prep work

Gwinganna is solely focused on revitalising through strategic rest and relaxation. Schedules, commitments, devices and noise create stress so we need to be able to switch off and slow down, allowing our body and mind to truly rest. To make the most of your MECCA x Gwinganna appointment, we suggest you commit to the process. Give yourself a device-free day or weekend and, spend that time living within the retreat’s health boundaries: among other things, no caffeinated drinks or alcohol are allowed on their property, so if you can, try to skip them too. The smallest wellness break still comes with benefits, and you deserve to feel rested, revitalised, and glowing inside and out.

MECCA x Gwinganna Treatments

$250 per 80-minute session.

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday for six weeks, from Friday April 30 until Sunday June 6 2021.

Find the Gwinganna Spa at MECCA’s flagship on level one, and book one of their exclusive, revitalising treatments here. Be quick, treatments are limited.