We tried the entire Go-To collection


When we heard Go-To—the effervescent skin care range from beauty supremo Zoë Foster Blake—was landing at MECCA we were pretty darn excited. We’d all seen her cute products, with their peach packaging, spirited visuals and witty names, on social channels and agreed it was the perfect fit for MECCA. The Memo team took it upon themselves to roadtest the entire Go-To collection, and here’s what we discovered.

Properly Clean

“This is no ordinary cleanser. One pump produces a pillowy soft foam that glides onto skin giving you the satisfying feeling of bubbles without the stripping feeling of harsh detergents. It takes everything off in one go—makeup, mascara, city grime, the bit of lunch on your chin that no one told you about —and leaves skin soft, not like you have to moisturise your face immediately after or it will fall off. It smells like the most divine fresh cut oranges, which is so uplifting it makes me want to use it twice a day (even though I read once that French girls never wash their face in the morning). I’ve tried some super expensive cleansers out there and at a pretty $31, Properly Clean lives up to them all.” – Romy, Content Producer

Face Hero

“I love a good face oil. The only downside with most oils is they sit on top of the skin, either ending up on your pillow at night or leaving you looking like a shiny mess during the day. Not Face Hero though. This skin booster is impressively lightweight but still packed with 10 plant and nut oils that nourish, hydrate and keep redness and inflammation at bay. When I applied it at night it sunk straight in, smelled a little like Earl Grey tea (which I loved) and immediately made my skin feel calm and restored. In the morning? A glowy, plump, ready-to-take-on-the-world complexion.” Emily, Content Coordinator

Very Useful Face Cream

“I’ve hit a sweet spot with my skin where it’s never oily, never dry, just perfectly ‘normal’, and this face cream seems to be ideal for it. It feels rich enough going on but absorbs right in so my SPF and makeup layers aren’t bothered about it. I’m also a big fan of the superfood ingredients and high antioxidant content that helps to ward off free-radical damage (aka the cause of premature ageing).” – Alex, Content Producer

Zincredible SPF 15

“When I think of zinc, I think of blokey cricket players and noisy kids at the beach, but this product is nothing like that. This is a moisturiser and a good one at that. It leaves your skin seriously juicy and glowy as anything! Seriously, you could skip highlighter when using it (but that would be boring). It also has a ‘don’t worry, I got you’ addition of a physical SPF 15. While in summer I’d probably add in a little higher SPF protection, this is a great choice for winter, especially when skin starts to feel raw and sensitised from cold winds—zinc is kind to stressed skin, you see. It’s also packed with nourishing botanical oils and antioxidants to protect from those crazy free radicals and keep your skin hydrated. It makes your makeup glide on better and doesn’t look anything like white warpaint … so that’s pretty cool too.” Romy, Content Producer

Tinted Zincredible Tinted SPF 15

“I love this tinted moisturiser. I have ultra-sensitive, irritable skin that shudders when I come near it with yet again another new product, but after learning that Zincredible has no chemical UV filters, silicones, sulfates, parabens, or synthetics, I was ready to give it a whirl. Usually I find that I need to add moisturisers to any tinted moisturiser but this liquid gold is so dewy it just glides on and disappears into my skin. It feels really lightweight and gives me a subtle glow throughout the day without ending up oily or shiny by 3pm. I have had no breakouts and it’s sheer enough that my freckles still shine through. This is the perfect base for anyone like me, who has sensitive skin, no time and wants that glow-and-go.” Kat, Digital Content Producer


“It seems like I've spent my whole adult life searching for a holy grail lip balm but no longer! This one is a mix of lanolin and oils like apricot kernel, avocado and jojoba. I can honestly say it has kept my perpetually dry lips nourished and soft all day. Plus, the sweet oils give it a delicious scent, just like fruity lollies. I like how thin the formula is too. It glides easily over other lip colours and never leaves me with dreaded gloopy lips.” – Rhyanna, Content Graduate

Pinky-Nudey Lips

“With its quirky, no-fuss and super fun branding, Go-To had me hooked from the beginning. When Pinky-Nudey Lips landed on my desk, I did wonder if it was just another balm. But, since sampling it, I have been religiously applying it throughout the day. It has a subtle blush shade and leaves my lips looking like a better version of themselves with a finish that is glossy but not sticky. It’s the perfect addition to a natural, no-makeup look. Pinky-Nudey Lips forever.” Kat, Digital Content Producer

Exfoliating Swipeys

“The first few times I used these, I was doing it wrong. Unlike other exfoliating wipes, you swipe on the product, leave it to do its thing for a minute and then rinse. I’ve been a little more careful with chemical exfoliants lately, so I love that this uses gentle lactic acid (ideal for the most sensitive skins) and still gets such radiant results. Three uses over a week and I really noticed a glow, without any of the irritation.” – Alex, Content Producer

Transformazing Mask

“This mask soothed my naturally dry and red skin in just 15 minutes! It left me with glowy, plump skin that stayed supple until the next day—I received the complements to back it up. The sheet mask is drenched in a gentle but uber potent serum. It’s also the perfect size, so it doesn’t slip around if you can’t sit still during any rare moments of relaxation and need to get things done.” Rhyanna, Content Graduate

Go-To Super Handy

“I’m not one of those people who carries around a hand cream in their bag or keeps a tube on their desk … until now. What sets this one apart from the rest is that it leaves none of the greasy, sticky residue that most do, and according to the brand the formula took a painstakingly long time to perfect. I’m glad they nailed it, because in addition to being packed with rich butters and antioxidants to protect my hands, I can also apply it on-the-go and get on with typing an email or patting a dog on the street without worrying about sticky hands. I love that it’s good for my cuticles too, so less visits to the nail salon which is a win, and given the hands are one of the first places to show age, I’m glad I cottoned on to this and now apply it on the regular.” Emily, Content Coordinator


“The only thing I don’t like about this product is that I didn’t start using it earlier! I’ve been really trying to roll with body oils for my pregnant bump but I find them really messy/sticky/non-absorbing, but this one comes out like a balm (as long as I keep it cool) and rubs in so well! It makes my skin glisten nicely before it absorbs all the goodness. It’s also one of the best things I’ve ever smelt. My favourite Friday night treat now is squeezing a few drops in the bath and soaking.” – Alex, Content Producer

Words by The Memo team
April 2019


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