Party-prepping with Frank Body

It’s been five years since Frank Body launched with their original coffee scrub and brought fun back into the bathroom. To celebrate, we caught up with Melbourne-based co-founder Jess Hatzis to find out exactly how a Frank girl likes to party. Spoiler alert: It begins with a scrub and ends with a Netflix marathon.

TM: Congratulations on being in business for five years. Has it flown by fast?
JH: "It feels like it’s been five minutes! We feel very lucky to make it to five years, and it’s all because of our amazing supporters like MECCA and all our customers.”

Can you nominate some of the highlights?
“There have been so many. The first time we had an order come in from overseas, that was pretty amazing. The day we sold our one millionth scrub—my co-founder [Bree Johnson] and I popped a bottle of Champagne and we had little celebrations for that one. Another favourite thing was seeing us on the windows of Mecca Maxima for the first time. Somewhere on the internet there is a great GIF of me jumping around like crazy out the front of the Melbourne Central store over that. Most recently, setting up our New York office. Bree is over there now doing press appointments. We want to build our brand in the US the way our team has in Australia.”

What’s your all-time favourite product?
“If I had to pick one of the scrubs, it’s Cacao. I’ve never stopped loving that product because it smells like chocolate cake. Then, the Lip Scrub is a close second. That’s a personal favourite because I’ve had perpetually dry lips for as long as I can remember. I wanted to create an all-natural product that would help with that, and that’s exactly what it does.”

OK, it’s time to get ready for Frank’s birthday party. What’s in the bathroom?
The Shimmer Scrub is a must when you’re going out to party. All the shimmer range is, really. I absolutely love our Magic Shimmer Oil. It’s great for someone like me who has super fair skin but doesn’t like to wear fake tan. It makes you really glowy. I’m a bit of a no-makeup makeup girl, so I’ll wear bareMinerals Complexion Gel and the Frank Body Illuminator all over the high points of my face. I add a coat of Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara, then a red lip , and then go over it with the Cherry Bomb Tint and wear that on my cheeks too."

What are we listening to as we’re getting ready?
“It depends where I’m going, but I’m an old soul, so I have a collection of ‘70s rock that I like to play when I’m getting ready. I don’t like new pop music, it’s just not my thing. Nick Gilder’s Hot Child In The City is one of my favourite songs to prep to. I also love it coming through my headphones when I’m walking down the street.”

What are we drinking?
“I swing from one extreme to the other, so either a glass of wine, or a whisky on the rocks.”

What’s the dress code?
“It’s the middle of winter here in Melbourne, so either a rock tee with a huge, OTT skirt with boots—I’m very partial to that look—or leather pants with a knit.”

How long does it all take?
“I like to be showered, ready and out the door in 15 minutes. But I’ve been called the eternal optimist for always overestimating how much I’ll be able to get done in a certain amount of time. I hate spending a lot of time getting ready. When I was younger I enjoyed it, but now less is more. Maybe when you get a bit older you feel more confident and just don’t have to do as much? Now, I like to look like me.”

Finally, how are we tackling the hangover the next day?
First, our Creamy Face Scrub. It’s amazing for when you wake up puffy, or just want to reset your entire mood. It’s the best physical exfoliator I’ve ever tried and it really makes you glow afterwards. Then, this next part I have down to a fine art, lots of water, toast with Vegemite, Panadol and a Netflix marathon.

Interview by Alexandra Whiting
Photography by Drew Wheeler for Frank Body
June 2018


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