MECCA PRESENTS: facial aesthetics with Dr Van Park, exclusive to MECCA’s first flagship

Dr Van Park's highly sought-after injectable treatments are administered with industry-leading professionalism and personalised to suit each individual's facial structure for a perfectly balanced, refreshed look.

A young Van Park was studying medicine in university while working part-time at MECCA when she became aware of the then-burgeoning world of facial aesthetics. “I love MECCA, and I loved working with women and I also loved science. And, I really loved changing the way a client would feel by applying makeup on them.”

At one point, Park considered walking away from her burgeoning medical career to become a makeup artist. It was not until a makeup client at MECCA suggested to Park to consider medical aesthetics. Back then, that industry was considered “pre-historic,” as Park herself admits. Through some leads, she cold-called cosmetic physicians and asked to sit in on their work and observe. “That’s when I realised I loved it. And back then, we knew so little about ageing and about the skin – there’s so much more we’re doing about it now.”

Combined with her background, knowledge and love of makeup artistry has since made Park one of the most revered in the industry – while her treatments target concerns, her understanding of facial structure, makeup and deep knowledge of how the face evolves and ages over time has ensured that her approach is particularly customised for each client, and takes into account the entire effect of injectable treatments.

“In a consultation, concerns that a woman might raise would be so similar that you would hear as a makeup artist,” says Park of the similarities between the two disciplines. And, added with her artistic and personalised approach, she also considers a client’s lifestyle. An initial consultation with Park is long and in-depth, and, one may not even realise they’re doing it. “They’re not even aware that I’m doing a consultation, or assessing their face – that’s actually when you can best assess them, when they’re not aware. We just have a chat – you pick up so much non-verbally,” she says, explaining that she actually asks her clients to attend their consultation with their makeup on. “One of the greatest assessments is how they do their makeup. If there’s a lot of something, or where it’s placed, it can tell you what their concerns are. And, when you give a woman a mirror, we all adjust ourselves how we want to be seen – that helps with the consultation too.”

With Park’s careful consideration of a client’s desires versus needs, she is clear that she is honest when she believes a client doesn’t need something they’re asking for. “If she absolutely doesn’t need it, I’ll tell them. The trust is important.”

And, as she reminds, wrinkles are not necessarily ageing. “You don’t want to remove someone’s charisma away that comes through from someone’s expression. Charisma never ages.”

A long-time MECCA fan and makeup artist, Dr Van Park shares her current MECCA favourites:

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

“They give a nice glow and it’s a dewy finish. I like the texture in it too – it's also filled with soothing ingredients so I've recommended it to clients to use after they've had a treatment.”

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

“Blush is the one thing that I can’t go without; it makes the biggest difference on your face because you can contour the face and make it look more youthful. The Hourglass blush is so natural-looking.”

Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara

“I’ve recently started this one and I love it. Being in the clinic all day, I’m often looking down, so it’s important that mascaras don’t smudge. This one is a tubing formula so it doesn’t move.”

NB: Before your appointment, you will be phoned ahead to answer any queries and to ensure that the consultation is tailored to you.

Find Dr Van Park at MECCA’s first flagship on level one, and book an appointment with her at MECCA hereBookings are open one day per month, and released three months in advance.


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