MECCA PRESENTS: naturopathy with Anthia Koullouros, exclusive to MECCA’s first flagship

Wellness expert Anthia Koullouros knows beauty starts from the inside — through a personalised, private consultation, her 25 years of experience will help create a naturopathic path to remedy your beauty and health concerns.

“I knew I wanted to be a naturopath since I was a very young age – at 12,” remembers the naturopath, herbalist and author, recalling how she grew her own herbs and started to read books about the subject. Back then it was considered “very fringe-dwelling,” as Koullouros describes herself. “People are now more interested in alternative practitioners – we’re looking for something more.”

Later studying naturopathy, homeopathy and with a degree in health science, Koullouros is a proudly qualified practitioner with clinical experience, which informs her holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and makes her one of the pre-eminent naturopathic experts in Australia.

Her clients reach her through word of mouth (“I don’t advertise”) to search for specific solutions from the chronic to the quick fix. “Or sometimes they just don’t feel quite right – they’re asking ‘What should I do?’ And we investigate further,” she explains. “We ask patients to fill in a questionnaire – ‘How do I feel, and what do I want to feel?’ and ask about past and current medical history. They come with a purpose, and it’s all very individual. There’s no one-size-fits-all cure. It’s more about possible underlying causes and contributing factors.”

With increased externals stressors added to our busy and complicated lives, Koullouros has some simple tips for all of us to keep in mind. “Anything that can recalibrate and support our adrenals in response to stress is important. You can’t cure an ailment if you’re in a state of fight or flight,” she advises “The counterbalance is rest and digest, whether it’s more broths or soups that are easy to digest, or meditating, or having more sleep. It’s about putting them in a healing phase – it’s about supporting and managing the fire.”

Joining MECCA at our first flagship exclusively, Koullouros is looking forward to the meeting of beauty and wellness. “I manifested it!” she says with a laugh. “I was hoping that MECCA would explore this space, and then this partnership happened.”

Koullouros’ approach is about reminding us of the connection between inner and outer wellness. “It’s so natural to me, that it’s strange for me to articulate it; how you care for yourself impacts the signs and symptoms of how you are feeling,” she says. For her, naturopathy is about “giving back to yourself with health-care and self-care. I come from a qualified background so they’re getting the best I can offer them with the best of my experience.”

What will your naturopathic consultation cover?
  • Questionnaire to be completed on arrival.
  • Speaking through current and past medical history and relevant testing including pathology tests.
  • How do you care for your health everyday?
  • Your concerns, desires, needs and wants.