A friendly reminder that eyeshadow primer is the most underrated beauty product ever

We don’t make a lot of claims here at MECCA, but this one, we’re sure of: eyeshadow primer is a makeup must-have, and it’s about time we stood up for the game-changing essential that is, in our opinion, grossly underappreciated. Sure, it might not pay your bills or feed the dog, but a potent primer will make your eyeshadow last longer, blend more easily and stay true to the colour you see in the pan. Think of it as the Abbi to your eyeshadow’s Ilana; keeping your look in check without ever dulling it down. We digress.

It’ll make your eyeshadow look last (and last)

There is nothing worse than putting aside 30 minutes-plus for that nine-shade cherry-toned smoky eye, only to be left with the ghost of its existence as soon as you leave the house. So the fact that people are living this awful truth when it could be so easily avoided with a light smear of primer is nothing short of unacceptable. Take Urban Decay’s iconic Primer Potion. Not that we would (ever) recommend it, but a certain few of us on the Memo team have been known to serve the same hot pink glitter cut-crease two days in a row (impeccably, might we add), thanks to this mystical potion Urban Decay is so famous for serving up. We’re talking 100% flawlessness at dinner, on the dancefloor, overnight and at brunch the next day. While it doesn’t contain the unicorn tears we imagined it would (seriously, how do they do it?), it promises 24-hour wear that we can attest to, and creates a flawless, crease-free base for shadows to adhere to.

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Achieve the blend-ready base of your dreams

The skin around your eyes is significantly thinner than on the rest of your face, so not only does that mean it’s more prone to lines and wrinkles, it also shows off veins and discolouration a whole lot more, interfering with the finished effect of that blown-out bronze look you saw on your feed, saved, and then tried to recreate. Enter: the eyeshadow primer—most notably, the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Lightweight, smoothing and perfectly tinted—should you not opt for the clear version—this MECCA-favourite primer creates an even-toned base for a flawless, long-lasting finish. Nail your base, and even the simplest of looks (a bit of bronzer in the crease, per say) will look like the work of a pro.

*Colour intensifies*

That feeling when you dip your brush into a vibrant violet, only to buff it into your lid to reveal a laid-back lavender? Not a vibe. When powder shadows have nothing to cling on to (oftentimes a bare lid just won’t cut it), they can tend to blend away into the nothingness, creating extra work, excess product use and—to be totally honest—a sore arm from all that blending. The answer? You got it: eyeshadow primer. Morphe are known for their bold, punchy eyeshadows (see here, here and here), so it’s only reasonable that their translucent primer knows how to bring out the bright, big time. Sheer, waterproof, non-creasing and budge-proof for 12-hours of scene-stealing wear, this primer from the shadow gods promises to never ever compromise the colour you blend on top. (Spoiler: it lives up to its promise).

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Oily lids? No biggie!

If you know, you know: oily lids are a very much a thing, and boy do they know how to ruin a fire eye look. Infamous for making shadows crease like crazy and slide out of place, they’re surprisingly easy to manage with a dab of—say it with us—eyeshadow primer. Promising total shadow insurance is Too-Faced’s aptly-named Shadow Insurance, a high powered luminous formula with an oh-so slight metallic finish. Also offering 24-hours of wear, this soft-focused primer ensures controlled lids all day long, eliminating the budge natural oils likes to create.

Last but not least, it makes glitters great again.

You thought it, and we’re saying it: why bother packing on that gorgeously gilded glitter when it’s just going to flicker off like fairy dust? With the same deep-rooted need we have for our morning coffee, loose (and sometimes even pressed) glitters need a reliable, tacky base to stick to—it’s non-negotiable. You’re going to want something comfortable and eye-friendly, so don’t even think about whipping out that mini Bostick from your stationery drawer—reach for Too Faced’s Glitter Glue Primer, a built-for-purpose priming glue that will bring out the reflective qualities of your glitter, while guaranteeing Euphoria-ready looks that’ll last all night (or festival).

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