The best of Estée Lauder has just landed at MECCA: these are our top 5 products

Between our in-store hosts and online search, we know that global beauty icons Double Wear and Advanced Night Repair are two products that the MECCA community has wanted to see on our shelves for years. So as beauty groupies ourselves, we love the fact that as of today, an edited-by-MECCA collection of Estée Lauder’s most iconic makeup and skincare is available online.

Estée Lauder herself started her business in 1946 with four products, a passion for high-touch service, and a simple premise; that every woman can be beautiful. To be able to finally stock the brand at MECCA just makes sense. These are our top picks.

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex

This iconic brown bottle is beauty history. Originally developed in 1982 (with a few face lifts since then), it was the first ever serum-type product on the market. And there’s more firsts; this overnight gamechanger was the first skincare product to incorporate hyaluronic acid, previously used almost exclusively by ophthalmologists to keep eyes moist, the first to include an ingredient called Bifidus, a species of probiotics which had not previously been used topically, and the first to help skin physically repair from the visible effects of ageing and sun exposure by boosting its natural renewal process. If lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, and/or decreasing firmness ring true to your skin concerns, you must try this patented serum.

Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

Everyone either is—or knows—a Double Wear devotee; we know you have wanted it, so it’s finally here. With a semi-matte finish and buildable medium-to-high coverage, this cult base is one of those beauty products that somehow just works for everyone. While feeling light and fresh on the skin, this formula does not budge (your phone screen will thank you) or change colour throughout the day. The truest test of longevity, there’s a reason so many women wear this foundation on their wedding day, and the fact that it comes in 61 shades is the biggest plus of them all.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Transforming eye care to eye repair, this gel-cream treatment concentrates the brand’s Advanced Night Repair formula by ten, creating a supercharged complex that dramatically reduces the look of every key sign of eye ageing. And as we know, the delicate skin around your eyes is typically the first to show your age (and lack of sleep, water, vegetables…). Immediately after application, you’ll notice instant hydration, and, in the long term, less puffiness, reduced lines and wrinkles, and overall brightness, negating the look of dark circles. Wear it at night to encourage cell turnover, and during the day to protect from pollution, photoaging, and blue light.

Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask

Rather than letting its serum-y goodness evaporate or be absorbed by the mask itself, this unique foil-backed sheet mask creates a protective barrier around your face, encouraging a double dose of Advanced Night Repair and hyaluronic acid to infuse deep into the skin. Working its magic in just 10 minutes, this mask leaves your skin so plump and full of moisture, you won’t even need to put moisturiser on once you peel it off. We’re overjoyed to have this one in our kits pre party season—it’s a skincare reset button, bringing your skin back to life after one-too-many mojitos.

Micro Essence

One of those products you often can’t fully understand until you’ve tried it, a good essence is a true beauty gamechanger. Watery in weight and texture, which allows it to fully penetrate into the skin’s layers rather than sitting atop, an essence targets the skin with a hit of concentrated nutrients, strengthening the skin barrier while priming skin for the serums and creams to come. This winning formula features micro-sized molecules that absorb deeply and rapidly into the skin to renew and rebalance. It’s a simple routine addition with mighty results.


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