Our top 5 products to try from natural beauty brand Ere Perez

When you read the ingredient list of each Ere Perez’s product, you’d be mistaken for thinking you were reading a recipe for a delicious meal. With oatmeal, avocado, carrot and beetroot, this collection sounds as delicious as it is effective and nutritrious (for your face!).

The eponymous brand is Australian-owned (their head office is based in Bondi) and at the helm is Ere Perez. Born in Mexico and heavily influenced by the traditional medicine practices passed down from her grandmother, Perez has always been passionate about holistic healing and beauty.

All natural and toxin-free, this line of makeup and skincare is all about giving women and men simple and effective alternatives to mainstream beauty products. Aside from a lot of food-based ingredients, Ere Perez also harnesses the power of oils, plant extracts and minerals which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants for skin that feels as good as it looks. Here are our top five picks to get you acquainted with the brand.


This crème is great for all skin types, but especially those who are experiencing a tight or uncomfortable complexion that’s looking a little lacklustre. Wondering what Moringa actually is? It comes from the seeds of the ‘drumstick tree’, cultivated in parts of Africa and Asia for its traditional herbal remedies. In skincare, its high volume of vitamin A encourages skin cell renewal while vitamin E hydrates and combats dryness. Other key ingredients include lactic acid (to help slow water loss and manage pigmentation), apricot kernel oil (to help condition), prickly pear (to brighten) and corn flour (to help control oil production). Once applied, this all-purpose crème leaves skin with a satiny glow in its wake—try applying it before your makeup for a nice hydrating base or wear alone in the morning or at night for deeply rich hydration and nourishment.


You can do way more with avocado than smash it with some feta on a slice of toast. The tasty addition of avocado in the brand’s waterproof mascara offers lashes a serve of vitamins A, E and D to keep them nourished while promoting growth and strength. Inky black in colour and both smudge-proof and waterproof, this vegan mascara has some serious staying power while it shows your lashes some love, we’re talking 24 hours of staying power to be exact.

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Akin to a green smoothie for your face, this superfood serum is packed with nutritious goodies for happy, balanced skin. The star ingredient in this is quandong extract (quandong is a native Australian fruit found in the desert) and turns out it has twice the amount of vitamin C than oranges have. Over time, this serum can help reduce signs of fine lines and calm angry or inflamed skin. Other ingredients like chlorophyll, spinach leaf, vitamin E, alfalfa & raspberry seed powerfully deliver essential enzymes and vitamin A straight to the skin. From improved elasticity to tackling any pesky dry patches, there’s not much this serum can’t do.


The inclusion of oat milk in this foundation means skin receives a dose of antioxidants and is conditioned and protected if its prone to irritation. Like most foundations, it’s easy to build an offers medium to full coverage. Regardless of how you layer it, your skin will still be able to breath and the formula won’t clog your pores. We recommend applying a moisturiser prior to application for extra dewy results and setting with a powder for longevity too.


Did you know carrot can be used as a natural pigment? Ere Perez did, which is why she created these little pots of colour using carrot as the main ingredient. Carrot is also considered to have anti-ageing and sun protection properties. Apply these to cheeks and lips for effortless, lit-from-within colour—each of the five shades blends and melts into skin using the warmth of your finger.


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