8 cottagecore-inspired scents to transport you to the countryside

Whether you identify with the subculture or not, the increase of time at home last year sent us all into a certain degree of cottagecore living—whether as subtle as nurturing a new sourdough starter, tending to your indoor plants with a new degree of care, picnicking in public gardens, or lusting over Dakota Johnson’s green kitchen.

A romanticised interpretation of western agricultural life and the English countryside, cottagecore—an aesthetic subculture made popular on Tumblr, Instagram, and most recently, TikTok—embraces a nostalgic, sustainable, dream-like, and nature-centric existence, abundant with wildflowers, wooden cabins, fresh-brewed tea, and fruit-laced baked goods. According to the r/cottagecore subreddit, it’s not about being ‘cool’ or contemporary, instead, “your grandma, but like, hip.” Recent pop culture phenomenons ‘Bridgerton’, ’Little Women’, and Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’ albums have only amplified the trend.

With the subculture already slipping into our wardrobes by way of liberty prints, corsetry, and puff sleeves, we figured it was time it spilled into our beauty rituals too. These scents will give you—and your home—the perfect cottagecore touch.

FOR YOUR HOME: Boy Smells’ Petal Candle

Smells like: a bouquet of white and wild flowers, brought home to a countryside cottage recently cleansed with sage and patchouli (perfect for those veering into witchcore, too).

FOR YOU: Bastide’s Rose Olivier EDT

Smells like: thorned roses intertwined with herbaceous greenery, just picked and popped into a vase, heightened with the softness of a cashmere cardigan.

FOR YOU: Le Labo’s Lys 41

Smells like: an organic bouquet of white flowers, softened with the earthiness of wood and musk—a more subtle take on cottagecore’s woodsy nature.


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