Clinique iD is the new way to customise your skin care

Clinique’s new hydration system takes personalised skin care to a whole new level, making it accessible, inclusive, and actually fun.

My entry to high school was heralded by three things: a new uniform, swimming lessons (before the intense swimming carnival) and a three-step skin care routine from Clinique. The bar of soap in its sage green case, purple-hued toner and lemon-coloured moisturiser took pride of place in my bathroom and kickstarted my lifelong love affair with beauty products.

Many women, and their grandmothers, can tell you about their relationship with Clinique. The lemon-toned Dramatically Different Lotion, which launched over 50 years ago, is still snapped up every 5.7 seconds around the world. But this brand isn’t afraid to shake things up. In 2013, Dramatically Different Lotion was reformulated, and later a lightweight gel option was introduced. Last year, the oil-free pollution-blocking Hydrating Jelly became a hit with beauty vloggers.

Now, the brand is taking their iconic moisturisers and making them even more customisable with Clinique iD. The hydration system taps into the desire for personalisation. We’re all unique, right? And our skin care should be too. This is how it works: First, chose your hydration base—the original lotion, gel or jelly—then select from one of five concentrated cartridges. Each cartridge is formulated to target a specific skin concern and slips directly into the hydrating base. The system allows for the perfect amount to be dispensed: 90 percent moisturiser, 10 percent active concentrate.

Here’s a breakdown of each cartridge option.

Irritation: Red, dry, angry skin is often the result of an imbalance in good and bad bacteria on the skin—yes, there is good bacteria. This concentrated formula utilises the probiotic lactobacillus ferment to counter this and white tea leaf extract for additional soothing.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: This active plumps the skin to fill fine lines with whey protein—yes, the kind you find in a smoothie. It is also formulated to tighten skin with almond seed extract, a sensation you can actually feel after you apply. Very satisfying.

Pores and Uneven Texture: This mix of AHAs (predominantly glycolic and lactic acid) promotes cell turnover to give you clearer, smoother skin. We can’t completely erase our pores (which get larger as we get older) but a chemical exfoliant can definitely reduce their appearance.

Fatigue: Does your reflection look like a photocopy of a photocopy of you original self? Skin gets tired just like the rest of your body, leaving your complexion dull and washed out. In lieu of a health retreat visit, this cartridge is formulated with taurine, an amino acid that boosts cellular energy so your skin looks refreshed and bright, even if you don’t feel it.

Uneven Skin: If pigmentation and darkness are your biggest skin care woes, this will help. Formulated with brightening Japanese angelica root extract and salicylic acid for increased cell turnover, your skin will start to look brighter and more even with continued use.

The other exciting thing about this system is the price point. Hydrating bases are $40, and the cartridges $20, making this a $60 treatment and moisturiser that should last three months (if used twice daily, morning and night). Just as the original three-step process introduced countless people to a skin care regime, this system is the perfect introduction to targeted treatments designed for individual skin concern. The one-size-fits all approach seems like a blast from the past.

Words by Alexandra Whiting
March 2019


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