Quiz: 5 questions to find your best brow style

Did you know that brows are the one feature of the face that help create the illusion of symmetry? Over the years you’ve probably overplucked, overdrawn or let them get a little overgrown—we’ve all been there. Whatever your relationship is with your brows, it’s never too late to give them a refresh by trying out a new product, shade or application technique.

This month at MECCA, we want to know: how do you beauty? We think it’s time to reconnect with the beauty that makes you look and feel your best—even rediscover an old favourite or try a new product you’ve been eyeing off. Here (as you probably guessed) we’re chatting all things brows.

We’re here to help guide you on that journey of finding your brow of now. And if you don’t know where to start, why not kick things off with our quiz below? It’s just five easy questions. And remember, there’s no wrong answer!


Question 1: The best way to describe your brows in their current state is:

A) More on the sparser side. They taper off more than you’d like, but overall, their natural shape is good.

B) Long! Your natural hairs have really taken off, you need something to get them back in line.

C) Naturally quite full, but you need some help with filling in a few bald patches that pop up.

D) You’ve got plenty of hairs, but they need some extra oomph; your natural hairs may also be quite light in colour.

Question 2: Your everyday eye look is:

A) Anything that helps add definition to your eyes like graphic wing in any colour.

B) A coat or two of mascara is all you need—something low-key and fuss free.

C) You gravitate towards a soft eyeshadow through the crease of your eyes most days.

D) You like a statement eye: layers of eyeshadow and even a couple of individual false lashes to build volume.

Question 3: You’d describe your brow hairs as:

A) Seriously overplucked (you’re not a fan of your former, brow-plucking self).

B) A little on the wild side; you have plenty of hairs, but they grow in all different directions.

C) Uneven. Some areas have more hair than others and you’re always looking for ways to even everything out.

D) Quite fine (as in, they’re not thick).

Questions 4: How much time do you take doing your brows of a morning?

A) Ten minutes maximum.

B) You’re a less-than-30-seconds-kinda person.

C) You’re not ashamed to say it could be close to 25 minutes—you’re meticulous when it comes to filling out every part of your brows.

D) Two minutes. You like to just brush them up and go.

Question 5: You want your brows to look…

A) Fuller (and to last the distance after they’re filled in)

B) Naturally brushed up with serious hold.

C) Fluffy and healthy.

D) Thicker and with more colour through your natural hairs.


Mostly A’s: Billion Dollar Brows Triple Threat Pencil

You’ve had a turbulent relationship with your brows since you overplucked them in primary school. But, no need to fear! If you prefer to easily fill in any sparse areas and do so quickly before you run out the door, then Billion Dollar Brows’ Triple Threat Pencil[I-028290] is your match. It’s equipped with a triangular-shaped tip to outline and fill and a spoolie brush to blend out pigment for a fuller-looking brow that’ll fool anyone into thinking you never touched your brows in primary school. You’re welcome.

Mostly B’s: Brow Code Brow Lamination Kit

You want the laminated look but without the time spent in the brow therapist’s chair. This is the answer.

But wait, what is brow lamination you say? It’s a technique that restructures the brow hairs and gives them a fuller, brushed up appearance. Now, thanks to Brow Code, you can try it at home with this vegan-friendly treatment that contains a keratin solution (which helps to encourage natural hair growth) and follows a five-step process for laminated brows; we’re talking fluffy-looking brows that stay brushed up.

Mostly C’s: Anastasia Beverley Hills Microblade Detailing Brow Pen

You find your brow hairs do pretty well on their own, you just a little extra help here and there. You might also find that your hairs stay in place quite well on their own, you just need some help in the colour department to achieve a more even-looking arch. Try the Anastasia Beverley Hills Microblade Detailing Brow Pen. It’s a brow pen that features a flexible brush tip to give you all the precision you need to achieve realistic-looking hair strokes between your own brow hairs. It comes in nine shades across a range of cool and warm undertones.

Mostly D’s: Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel

The same way you might opt for a thickening shampoo if the hair on your head is fine, the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel is the perfect solution if your brow ha irs are fine too. This one can build volume (and colour) in just a few strokes thanks to its tinted gel formula that’s infused with micro fibres. Its dual-sided brush features short and long bristles to apply the formula in varying intensities, too.

Want to learn more about brows? Join us for our livestream direct from Beauty Lab on Thursday 24 September here. You can shop directly from the stream, chat along with the MECCA community and ask our in-store team questions in real time. If you’ve missed it, you can re-watch it here.


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