Not into buying lingerie? Try this new female-founded brand

Meet BITS, brainchild of MECCA alumni Sophie Hopkins and Bianca Robortaccio, and the internet’s newest, realest, and most fuss-free home of intimates.

After watercooler conversations about the perils of bra shopping, Hopkins and Robortaccio discovered a total lack of common ground in their experiences. “I grew up desperate to get a boob job, stuffing chicken fillets down my bra, always trying to get a bigger bust,” shared Hopkins, “whereas B [sic] was buying minimisers and shopping at a specialty store to get bras that fit her. I was like ‘what do you mean a specialty store???’.”

“With beauty,” she continued, “there was this conversation and community that the category had established, and we just felt like that was completely missing in the lingerie category.” The two took this as their mission to create a retail experience that caters to everyone; “all bits, all boobs, all demographics, all life stages.” After two years of work, “a big old pause” and a burst of inspiration come Melbourne’s lengthy lockdown, (“the silver lining of COVID-19 for us is that people are more willing to shop these categories online,” says Hopkins), and the founders went all in to create a one-step destination that makes shopping for intimates “a joyful one, and one that you’ll want to talk to your friends about.”


From lingerie options for fashion or function to period and pleasure, BITS’ product line-up tells a tale of how far the ‘intimates’ category has come in the past decade. “The category used to be quite sexualised and very much for the male gaze, says Hopkins, “and that’s really what we were trying to be the anti of.” She continued: “it’s less about dressing for somebody else and more about dressing for yourself, celebrating what your body does, and finding confidence in that versus presenting to the world.”

“We are a destination for you and your bits, Robortaccio says in agreement—“all of your bits.” On the name, the co-founder continued, “bringing that word into your vernacular lets you openly talk about things that have been tricky to talk about in the past, like pleasure, like periods.”


“We don’t want to be prescriptive about the brands people should be wearing,” says Robortaccio. “People buy different brands for different reasons—its less about having a list of 10 things that brands must do, because we know how hard it is to get it all right for everybody’s tastes, needs, and size.”

Rather than a strict curation to fit a certain trend, scroll through BITS’ brands and you’ll find options from local sustainable brands like Nico, Lela and Vee Underwear, as well as tried and tested classics from brands like Triumph and Shock Absorber. “They’re the experts,” says the co-founder of the latter, “and if you don’t want your bits moving when you’re running, you need a bra that’s going to hold those babies down.”


For Robortaccio, it’s more in the feeling you get when that certain bra—the one you wear almost every day—is in the wash. “That’s when you know it’s a really good fitting bra and one that you love.”

“It really is a construction,” she continues, noting her 10E fit. “Bras are built for support and to defy gravity. I want to know that when I’m walking down the street my bits are never going to move.”

Hopkins relates it to feeling ‘seen’. “It’s about feeling like you matter, and that you’re noticed. I grew up wanting to be like everybody else, and we torture ourselves to all try to conform to this one thing, but there is no one thing.”

The co-founder channels that experience into BITS, with a hope to celebrate individuality by building a diverse-enough offering that the need to conform becomes redundant. “I’m never going to have a 10E bust like Bianca, but who cares. I can sleep on my tummy, go for runs, wear a crop top… Yes, I missed out on having awesome cleavage and feeling womanly in a way that I’ve never experienced, but it’s about reframing it to, ‘how do I feel enough’.”

Head to to shop and discover BITS, and follow their journey on Instagram at @foryourbits.

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