Bestselling blush picks for a romantic flush

It can make you look ethereal, winsome and instantly alive—there are countless reasons people swear by blush. Here are the blush formulas our customers return to time and again for a perfect flush.


NARS Blush

Francois Nars knows the power of blush—he built a makeup empire out of it. And they don’t get more iconic than NARS Blush in Orgasm. Nars created the shade in 1999 and it’s stayed at peak popularity for the last 20 years, being reinterpreted in other NARS products and formulas. The appeal of the peachy shade, other than the amusingly risqué name, is that it’s universally flattering. There are 27 other shades in the NARS blush range, and while not as famous, they are just as stirring. The formula’s blendable texture and buildable intensity makes it a deeply beloved artistry go-to.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Makeup fans are obsessed with the glow bestowed by Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Running out of the product induces panic among some devotees and inspires before-work visits to MECCA—we’ve seen it happen. The blush version utilises the same luminescent technology as the finishing powder and adds a range of vivid cheek shades. The shade Mood Exposure is a strong favourite. The soft mauve falls between a blush and a bronzer, making it perfect for subtle face-shaping rather than a pop of colour.


NARS Liquid Blush

If dewy skin is your MO, then powder blushes won’t cut it. You need creams and liquids, and this is one of the best. The shade range is smaller and more curated but, never fear, Orgasm still appears. No matter the hue, the silk-like formula glides on skin and provides an impressively lasting glow. The liquid format allows for more versatile wear, too. Artists like to work the colour under a light layer of foundation to create a natural flush. Like you’ve just been for a brisk work around the block rather than spent time getting clever in the bathroom.


Too Faced Love Flush Blush

We’re not going to lie, the fact that this blush is heart-shaped and embossed with bunnies does make it utterly adorable. Yet the reason this blush is so heavily shopped is all about how it wears. Highly pigmented, fade-proof, smudge-proof and hence long-wearing, it’s an incredibly reliable formula for long days when you need to stay looking fresh. Despite its staying power, it feels weightless and blends beautifully.


Stila Convertible Colour

Another one with a legion of fans, this all-in-one blush and lipstick comes in creamy translucent colours to imbue skin with a sheer warmth. The balm-like formula makes it ideal for dry and mature skin because it won’t collect in fine lines and it’s easier to make look more natural than powder. It also comes in one of the best compacts for on-the-go touch-ups. A large, round mirror never goes unappreciated in handbag hero products like these.

Artist Favourite: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

MECCA Senior Makeup Artist Sally Axford waxes lyrical about Lip2Cheek. “I have every colour in my kit and love their intense mineral pigment that means I can sheer out or amp up the colour,” she says. There’s one shade she puts on every face: Illusive. “It’s a ruddy burnt rose that creates a natural from-within flush on cheeks, but also mimics the pigment naturally found in lips. I use it to recreate a nude lip with depth and it’s totally imperceptible.”

New arrival: Too Faced Fruit Cocktails Strobing Blush Duo

New this month as part of Too Faced Tutti Frutti collection, these customisable blush duos have been getting a lot of attention lately. In each of the four shades, one half is a matte finish blush and the other a high-shine highlighter. Mixed together, they create the perfect luminous flush. But if you just want a pop of colour or shimmer on the apples of the cheeks, you can wear them individually.

Words by Alexandra Whiting
February 2019


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Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order
Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order
Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order
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Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order
Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order
Three Deluxe Samples With Every Order