The bestselling beauty products at MECCA, revealed. Did your favourites make the cut?

When it comes to our beauty cabinets and makeup kits, some products just have that “it” factor. You use them religiously (Every. Single. Day), you buy them in multiples (just in case you run out) and you gift them to friends (even though they wanted an Ottolenghi cookbook instead). More than just a trend, these products have cemented themselves in our routines—and apparently everyone else's. Here we reveal the bestselling beauty products at MECCA that are tried, tested, respected and guaranteed to be used to the very last drop. Did yours make the cut?

The super-hydrating face oil that won’t leave grease stains on your pillow

Go-To Face Hero is the face oil that could convert even the most oil-fearing individuals. It has all the hydrating, nourishing benefits of ten handpicked plant and nut oils (hello, vitamins and antioxidants!) without any of the ‘slick’ factor. It penetrates the skin deeply and quickly, reviving dry skin, brightening, plumping fine lines and protecting from the elements: Antarctic blasts, central heating and the long haul flights you take to escape it all.

The setting powder that won’t make you look floury...even when baking

The secret ingredient to foundation that lasts all day? Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This superfine finishing powder has serious industry cred and is adored by makeup artists and regular-makeup-wearing humans alike for setting foundation and under eye concealer for a full 12 hours without caking. It gives you a soft-focus effect like the ‘Subtle’ filter on Insta stories and won’t accidentally-on-purpose reveal itself in photos when the flash is on.

The mascara that makes you look like you’re using false lashes

‘My eyes are up here’ and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara does not let ANYONE forget that. The #1 bestselling mascara gives you juiced-up, super-dark lashes, with curl, bounce and mind-blowing length—your lashes practically enter the room before you do, but as the bestselling mascara, you probably already knew that.

The game-changing serums you don’t need a PHD to understand

Serum was the step your skin care routine was missing… until Drunk Elephant came along, and now you have three. Let’s start with C-Firma Day Serum... vitamin C hasn’t looked this good since those chewable vitamins you had a child. The active ingredients firm and brighten your skin and help reduce pigmentation in the long term, while the brand’s signature marula oil leaves you real glowy in the short term. For night, TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum packs a punch of AHAs and BHAs (exfoliating acids) for a smooth, even complexion by the time your alarm goes off. Mix both of the above with B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum (or use it alone) for long-lasting hydration and plump, dewy skin.

The colour-correcting primer that turns up your base

If you tend to skip primer, Stila One-Step Correct is the one that makes us remember with a triple-action, colour-correcting formula that gives you magazine skin—like when retouching was still a thing. The green tone instantly corrects any redness giving you a neutral base to play with (it’s great for rosacea too!), the lavender tone gets rid of any sallowness (so you look more alive) and the peach tone illuminates (bye, dullness!). Fans swear by it for flawless makeup application and even wear it on no-makeup days to feel fresh and put together. Hydrating, oil-controlling, pretty much amazing.

The setting spray that would win Survivor, Ninja Warrior and still look amazing

With higher ratings than the Bachelor finale, Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray has garnered legions of fans who all take to Twitter to express their undying affection. “That is the adhesive that keeps me together.” “Went to bed with a full face and bright red lipstick and woke up still beat.” “I got engaged last week in the pouring rain with tears streaming down my face and my makeup stayed in place.” “22-hour flight and the winged liner and highlighter doesn’t shift.” Speaks for itself really.

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The spot treatment that’s saved us on multiple occasions

We’ve all been there—on the verge of a massive pimp the day before a big event, like a job interview or meeting your Bumble match for the first time IRL. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion swoops in like a pimple fairy godmother with its calamine, sulphur and salicylic acid magic wand to clear that baby up overnight. This is one to always have on hand.

The sunscreen that finally got us to wear SPF every day… even in winter

It took quite a bit of nagging from mum (and a truly revolutionary formula) but Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+ is the non-sunscreeny, sunscreen that you actually want to wear every day: hydrating, skin-loving and makeup-friendly. Apply it after your skin care and before makeup. Share it around at your next beach day; your friends will thank you.

The moisturiser that won’t make you look like a puddle by 3pm

Perfect for shine-prone skin, Tatcha’s The Water Cream bursts onto your face delivering refreshing hydration that actually controls oil throughout the day. It’s not sticky or tacky so even the oiliest skin types need not fear it. For those on the drier side, Tatcha’s The Dewy Skin Cream is a MAJOR fave for its deep hydration with a seriously dewy finish.

The treatment that appears to change your DNA

Unlike a “gritty” exfoliator, Sunday Riley Good Genes uses lactic acid to resurface and brighten skin. Unlike other acids, this one is gentle enough to use daily so you can get the smooth, plump, glowing skin as often as you get that Oat Milk Latte. Safe to say, the people are hooked!

The concealer that gives you nine hours sleep, ten glasses of water and five oranges

From late nights to early mornings, NARS much-loved Radiant Creamy Concealer keeps your darkest secrets and won’t tell anyone about that sneaky 3am kebab, either. It blends seamlessly to illuminate and undetectably disguise telltale dark circles and blemishes, without creasing. Pair it with NARS equally-as bestselling Sheer Glow Foundation for an all over perfected complexion that still looks natural.

The bronzer that gives you a holiday glow without a ticket to Mykonos

Name a more iconic bronzer, we’ll wait. NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna has been giving us a warm, sunkissed glow since before we knew what contouring even was—and is still the number one bronzer today. The superfine powder gives you a natural and never-dirty glow, while the subtle hints of shimmer impart radiance like only three weeks of annual leave (or this bronzer) can.

The lip gloss that works a whole lot better than collagen injections in the 90s

The most popular lip product at MECCA? Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. A gloss-meets-lip-plumper that gives you a proper pout without needles. The gloss is hydrating, the shine is mirror-like and we’re told the tingling sensation is how you know it’s working. Pretty hurts.

Words by Romy Erdos
July 2019


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