MECCA’s 5 best natural makeup brands – and their best products to start with

The catalyst for transitioning to natural makeup is often a life change — a health kick, a pregnancy, a new home, or, you know, a global pandemic. Maybe it’s a change you’ve been thinking about for a long time, or maybe you’d just like to dip your brush into the non-toxic powders and creams of the new natural makeup on offer and see how it feels. It’s a category on the rise and expanding rapidly as innovative, passion-led brands break ground with vivid colours, melt-in formulas and skin benefits usually reserved for your night routine. Here, we’re highlighting five natural makeup brands leading the charge. Expect products that do more, formulas that nourish, and ingredients lists shorter than a haiku.

Juice Beauty

This Californian brand has high standards: their products are certified organic and clinically verified, even the foundation, and the formulas are bursting with antioxidants thanks to botanical juices and wax bases. Vibrant plant pigments replace synthetic dyes and each product has been designed to sit as beautifully on lines and wrinkles as on plump, teenage skin. The skincare line launched in 2005, but the Phyto-Pigments makeup launched in 2015 through a collaboration with none other than the goddess of green herself, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow was creative director of the line for three years, and even wore the mascara on her wedding day. Which, pause, is saying a lot: you don’t choose your wedding-day mascara lightly. You trial, you retrial, and you ensure it’s a formula you can rely on. It’s a big deal. If Gwyneth trusts it, we’re convinced.

First pick: Phyto-pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara

Rituel de Fille

The spectacular hyper-pigmented and holographic colours on offer from Rituel de Fille are proof natural makeup doesn’t have to be lo-fi, or even natural-looking. For the three sisters behind this brand, using ingredients that could be found in nature or have been used throughout history as cosmetics, gives the formulas a magical quality. The products aren’t traditionally assigned, but instead, are made to use anywhere on the face. Glossy pigments, soots and creams take the place of eyeshadows, contour, blush, brow colour, highlighter and concealer, encouraging you to paint like a pro — however you want.

We’ve dubbed The Alchemist Highlight Intensifier a highlighter for your highlighter, because the glow is superpowered.

First pick: The Alchemist Highlight Intensifier

RMS beauty

This carefully curated brand is hugely popular with makeup artists around the globe, because it was created by one. As an artist, Rose-Marie Swift is about the end result — she knows exactly how she wants her makeup to look — but she also values skin health and the wellness of the planet. Her products are formulated with raw, organic, food-grade ingredients, which makes a lot of sense, because you really do eat your lipstick. The RMS line is truly multipurpose, each adhering to Swift’s dewy, luminous skin aesthetic. There’s even a product called Master Mixer, a golden hued coconut-oil based balm meant to be layered with other products (from lip and eye colours to blushes and foundations) to create new, shimmering looks.

If you want to try before you fully convert (be warned, you will), pick up a Signature Set. It has a Living Luminizer, two Lip2Cheek shades, a Simply Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm and a Master Mixer so you can double your options.

First pick: Signature Set


When Ilia founder Sasha Plavsic discovered her favourite beauty products were made with harmful ingredients, she went on a mission to create clean, safe versions. The line strives for colour payoff comparable to the synthetics, but with formulas that are good for skin and the planet — even the packaging is made from recyclable aluminium.

The True Skin Serum Foundation sits somewhere between a face oil and a foundation and provides light to medium coverage. Unlike other foundations, it doesn’t irritate or undo any of the good work of your skin routine, instead, it helps it with botanical actives that calm and comfort skin.

First pick: True Skin Serum Foundation


This brand lets you wear clean makeup, and clean up your cupboards — it’s minimalism at its most luxurious. Lilah.b founder Cheryl Yannotti Foland’s motto is “less is more”. Through Lilah.b she wants to help others simplify their makeup regimes, with style. All Lilah.b products resemble smooth, flat pebbles, and, because they want you to have less products, are designed to do multiple makeup tasks: the Sun Kissed Bronzer is just as beautiful swept across eyelids as cheekbones. And because you’re using less, what you do use has to be good for your skin. The Lilah.b formulas are built with skin-benefiting botanical ingredients stripped of any irritants: no synthetic fragrance, sulfates or parabens.

First pick: Sun Kissed Bronzer

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