A beginner’s guide to Jouer: the first 5 products to add to cart

When news hit at MECCA HQ that Jouer would be joining the family, we were well and truly shook. We’ve watched Nikki Tutorials, Jeffree Star and Australia’s very own Chloe Morello swatch their iconic concealer, lip colour and blinding highlighters for YEARS, and knowing we were about to get our hands on the skincare-spiked goods from LA was everything. We did our best to stay tight (and glossy)-lipped on the matter, and now we’re so excited to say that as of this very second, Jouer is officially available in selected MECCA stores and online.

The temptation to buy the entire range is real, and although that wouldn’t be totally out of character for a certain few of us on the Memo team, some expert guidance on the range was much needed... so who better to call on than Jouer’s Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Christina Zilber? We’re counting our very lucky stars that the makeup mogul agreed to help, and obviously we just had to share her insider knowledge with you. According to the Zilber—a self-proclaimed formula vigilante—these are the five Jouer products you should be adding to cart (like, now).

Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation

“I really do think that our foundation is unlike anything out there,” Zilber shared. “But if anyone tries to put it on the same way they would put on another foundation, they’re going to be in for a huge surprise.”

Formulated with chamomile and cucumber extracts, hyaluronic acid, a tripeptide complex, and without oil, Jouer’s unique, skin-loving High Coverage Crème Foundation is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. “Honestly, you apply the smallest dot,” says Zilber; “it’s more concentrated than a concealer. I’m dead serious, the smallest dot! It’ll be all you need to blend over your entire face. And the more that you buff it into your face the more skin-like it looks—it makes your skin look absolutely flawless.”

Labelled as matte, but leaning towards satin according the brand’s founder, the super pigmented foundation is featherlight, building extremely easily to your desired level of coverage. “If you are that heavy, Instagram-makeup kind-of-person, you’re going to love it. But if you’re not, use just a little, little bit and buff it into your skin—you’ll be so surprised by how versatile it is.”

Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette

Zilber’s take on blush is bold and refreshing, and seriously inspires us to play and experiment more with the age-old beauty essential; “our grandmothers were onto something, they really were,” she starts. “I truly feel like blush changes the architecture of my face.”

“In the current market, I do feel like it’s an undervalued product, and people don’t realise how it can change your face—if you’re wearing blush it distracts from dark circles, and it makes you look alive. If your blush happens to have a little bit of glow in it, you don’t even need a highlighter. It’s just one of those underrated products that everybody should have in their beauty arsenal.”

Unlike most blushes, Jouer’s are available in six-pan palettes or duos only—so of course we had to ask Zilber why this was. Her response? Game-changing: “I made them duals because I really felt that having two colours really complements the face for the best possible effect—you don’t want a flat, matte cheek—your skin has movement and dimension, and I wanted to offer that to the customer.” This titbit left us inspired and curious; could blush layering and mixing become the next big beauty trend?

Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer

Just as much of a YouTube icon as the beauty gurus that wear it, Jouer’s Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer works overtime to cover blemishes, redness, and dark under eyes. It’s also the most hotly anticipated product here at MECCA HQ.

Best blended into the skin with either your fingers or a brush, this “world-famous” concealer delivers on its promise of full coverage with a soft-matte finish, all while serving up a skin drink of hydrating hyaluronic acid and protective resveratrol. It’s creaseless, colour-correcting and smoothing, and pretty much everything you could ever wish for in the perfect concealer. According to Zilber, it’s “truly amazing.”

Based on the pigment-rich formula of the foundation, “it’s very high coverage, so if you just want to blend it in to the skin and use it alone you can.” For the makeup minimalists looking for that extra bit of help after a sleep-deprived night, look no further. For the base builders and bakers, the same applies to you.

Liquid Lip Crèmes and Glosses

Over the past few years, liquid lipsticks—especially of the matte variety—have populated the makeup bags of the masses. But as with all trends—it had to be disrupted.

“When liquid lipsticks were first becoming a thing—around 2015—I wanted something to put on top of the liquid lipstick to give it a bit of a softer feel,” Zilber speaks of the inspiration behind her trailblazing lip glosses and crèmes. “Liquid lipsticks can be super drying, and I really wanted a softer feel, as well a bit of a shimmer. I think I look a better with shimmer on my lips, so I went directly to the lab and said ‘I want do a topper for liquid lipstick’. And they said ‘absolutely not’. My whole team fought me on it.”

Sticking to her gut, Zilber worked to formulate the high-shine glosses and buttery lip crèmes (some duochrome, some lacquer-like and some matte) that her brand is now synonymous with. “It’s so funny looking back now, because they predicted low sales for it…and there are seriously no words to talk about the way it caught fire! And I just think there’s such joy in that, because I really learnt to follow my instincts—everybody doubted me and said no to me, just to develop a lip gloss.”

Formulated with coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E, these non-sticky lip essentials are every bit nourishing and hydrating as they are lust-worthy. Plus, “they have a very slight vanilla scent that people are obsessed with.” Yes. Please.

Essential Lip Enhancer Shine Balm

Last but definitely not least, Zilber couldn’t help but name the brand’s newest formulation as her current obsession. “So we just came out with the shine balm for lips,” she shared. “I have three in my bag and I’m obsessed.

Originally developed in tube-form—the cult-favourite lip treatment is made effective with a generous dose of Maxi-Lip™, vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, and was recently transformed into a handbag-friendly balm stick, extending into eight new shades while still managing to be as plumping and conditioningas ever.

The perfect pop of colour, each swipe leaves your lips full and hydrated, with a sheer, glossy finish. The founder’s favourites? Peony, a peachy-pink hue, and Rose, a slightly deeper your-lips-but-better shade.

Ready to fall in love with Jouer? Your cart awaits you.


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