The 5 best hair and face mask matches

When it comes to self-care, we strongly stand by the belief that more is more. And with the extra time to incorporate more steps into your skincare routine, like adding a device or investing in a mood-boosting candle for your home office, why wouldn’t you really go all out in iso? If doing a face mask is the ultimate act of self-care, then applying a face mask and a hair mask at the same time is really spoiling yourself with self-love (come on, you deserve it). Want to double down on your mask time? Try these combinations.

For hydration pair Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask with Bumble and bumble While you Sleep Mask

If waking up with smooth, soft, bouncy skin is your thing, then you’ll be fan of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask. The combination of AHAs (to resurface and exfoliate) and hyaluronic acid (to help skin retain moisture) means you’ll wake up with plump, juicy skin. When used in skincare, watermelon intensely hydrates, soothes and fights off free radical damage (that’s what can accelerate things like fine lines dark spots and wrinkles).

For your hair, try this Bumble and bumble overnight treatment mask that’s infused with evening primrose and camellia oil to repair and restore even the most damaged, lacklustre hair.

Try a deep cleanse by pairing Omorvicza Deep Cleansing Mask with 3 More Inches Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Dying for a deep clean? Slather on the Omorvicza Deep Cleansing Mask for a dose of calcium and magnesium (thanks to Hungarian Moor mud) and a thorough clean out of pores and any congestion you might be experiencing. This one also has white clay in it, which draws out toxins while naturally absorbing pore-clogging oil.

While you marinate in that mask, pop on the 3 More Inches Exfoliation Scalp Scrub—its formula includes a blend of AHA fruit acids to rid your scalp of product build-up, dandruff or dry skin that you might experience from time to time. It penetrates deeply into the hair shaft too, giving your hair a stronger, thicker lease on life. Try it once a week.

Bring on brightening with By Terry Rose Baume De Rose Glowing Rose Mask paired with IGK Anti Social Dry Hair Mask

If you’re familiar with the cult favourite Baume de Rose Lip Balm for nourished, hydrated lips then you know the mask that shares the same name is going to be a real treat for your skin. This rich mask illuminates, restores and reoxygenates the skin—the formula transforms from a gel to a creamy airy foam with a little tingle along the way so you know it’s working. It’s got the same dreamy scent as the lip balm and contains rosehip oil and smoothing flower AHA to help clarify dull, congested skin while rose blossom essential wax and vitamin E nourish and cocoon the skin.

For hair, try IGK’s Anti Social (like all of us right now) Dry Hair Mask—it’s a time-release dry treatment mask that’s practically invisible—so it nourishes and softens without mess or residue. Pop it in your hair in the morning and no will know you’re doing a hair mask while you work. Genius!

Repair and replenish while you rest by pairing Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask with Aveda Damage Remedy Repair

There’s no better feeling than the cooling sensation of a luxe face mask on skin that feels irritated or looks a bit red and angry. Infused with floral extracts and vitamins, this Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask from Chantecaille will help you achieve that feeling. It harnesses the power vitamin B5 to help skin hydrate by absorbing moisture from the air and lily bulb to gently soften. This one also doubles as a rich night cream, stimulating the natural healing process to reveal happy, hydrated skin by morning.

For hair that’s feeling a bit angry, try Aveda’s Damage Remedy Repair. It’s a daily leave-in treatment that keeps hair protected from thermal damage up to 230 degrees and is formulated with coconut oil and quinoa to condition and repair damaged, frazzled hair.

While you’re dreaming, wear Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask on your face and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Overnight Treatment in your hair

Thirsty skin? Thirsty hair? No problem. Try the Jetlag Mask on your face to soothe, nourish and brighten thanks to a plethora of vitamins, ceramides and antioxidants that plump, even out uneven tone and encourage natural cell turnover for radiant skin by morning. This one can be worn as a quick treatment before a night out, or overnight as a mask for your skin to drink up while you slumber.

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Overnight Treatment can also be worn overnight—apply it on damp or dry hair and let the amino acids and time-released conditioners protect and seal your hair’s cuticle for stronger, more manageable hair. This one is perfect for colour-treated hair, too.


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