4 ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Did you know that cellulite is a common skin concern that affects 90 percent of women? It’s also fast becoming one of the most popular search terms on MECCA—so, we’re sure it’s a subject that a lot of you would like to know more about.

Let’s kick it off by saying that cellulite shouldn’t be something that holds you back or makes you feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit come summer. So many people experience it, but it can be tricky to target how or why it appears. Things like a breakdown of collagen and elastin, a build-up of toxins or fluid, hormones and even stress can bring about cellulite (which is the dimpled skin you might find on your thighs, butt or abdomen).

The key is to protect and fortify the skin, plus stop future damage and help to refine the appearance of cellulite. The best thing that you can do is increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, protect and preserve collagen and keep the skin hydrated and bouncy. Here’s how.


Not just a delicious beverage to wake you up in the morning, coffee is a great circulation booster. Using something like the Frank Body Original Scrub all over your body and really massaging it into the areas of cellulite will help detoxify and encourage lymphatic drainage. This particular scrub also promotes collagen production and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, too.

The Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub harnesses the power of oat kernels and shea butter to buff and polish dry or rough skin. Using the small granules in this one will also help wake up skin and stimulate blood flow to help with the appearance of cellulite.

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Cellulite can be accelerated by a breakdown of collagen; this could be due to sun exposure, everyday stress and the natural ageing process. Once this special collagen network starts to deteriorate, this precious—otherwise sturdy—network can’t support the natural fatty tissue that lives in the lowest layer of the skin (hypodermis). So, try stimulating collagen with a retinol body treatment to plump and smooth skin, or a gentle exfoliating serum to replenish and refine texture.

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The best way to keep the texture of your skin smooth and to further help, protect and support your collagen and elastin network is to keep your body hydrated. Keeping skin deeply moisturised helps maintains its elasticity, too.

Take Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream: it’s got a serve of caffeine to help tighten and tone while added capuacu butter helps give skin its bounce back.

Bangn Body, the latest newcomer to MECCA, is all about firming, toning and hydrating skin from head to toe. The brand’s Firming Lotion does all of the above and then some. It contains ingredients like green coffee bean extract (again, coffee increases circulation which helps with the appearance of cellulite), jojoba seed oil which deeply moisturisers and sunflower oil to help the skin retain moisture of lasting hydration, plus it also helps repair skin damage.

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It may seem like a bit of a quick fix, but let’s be honest, after a few layers of tan everyone feels a bit fancy and like they’ve returned from beach holiday. A tan not only helps boost your mood but also evens out skin tone and blurs the appearance of uneven skin tone (read: cellulite).

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Try mixing the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops with your favourite body moisturiser for a gradual false glow. Using a moisturiser like the Kiehl’s Crème De Corps will soften and protect all skin types (especially those with super dry limbs), plus the tanning drops contain coconut oil to deeply hydrate and transport nutrients into the skin for a tan that lasts the distance.

For more skin-loving tanning formulas, try the James Read Sleep Tan Mask for Body. Its formula is infused with aloe vera, algae extract and hyaluronic acid to keep skin supple and restore natural elasticity—all while you develop a healthy, bronzy glow.

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