A perfect night’s sleep is the perfect escape for now: here’s our pick of the products that work hard while you rest

Sleep is underrated. Think about it, it’s a nightly necessity, but there are so many things to enjoy about sleeping—from hopping into freshly washed sheets to picking up a good book before you nod off. What do we love about sleep? The skincare ritual that happens before it, especially if it’s going to help us get more a more calming night’s rest.

This routine is all about taking some time for yourself before bed; removing all your makeup, apply a soothing oil and moisturiser that both work hard while you sleep to gently resurface and hydrate the complexion. Hair also needs some love before you fall asleep. Try a replenishing overnight treatment for shiny, more vibrant-looking hair when you wake.

And don’t forget a calming pillow spray (spritzed on a silk pillow case, of course). REN’s & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray contains a dreamy blend of lavender with deeply restful frankincense, to relax both the body and mind. Last but not lease, pop on a silk face mask for some serious rest. Hit play.


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