Quiz: A quick coat or extreme drama? Find your ultimate mascara in 5 questions

We spend a lot of our time recommending our favourite beauty products and techniques, but this month at MECCA, we’re asking ‘how do you beauty?’

We realised that for the most part of this year, how you express yourself, choose a mascara or apply the products in your makeup bag might not have been front of mind. And, this applies whether you’re coming out of lockdown, and those still in the thick of it. So, we think it’s time to reconnect with the beauty that makes you look and feel your best.

Whether your makeup routine is three steps or 12, we’re certain that a tried and true mascara is present in your kit. If you’re looking for a refresh—or confirmation that your current formula is the one for you—answer the five questions below and we’ll deliver your perfect lash match.


Question 1: Your daytime everyday makeup look can be described as…

A) Full glam: you easily could go from the office, to dinner, to a party without having to amp up your look if you wanted to.

B) No-makeup makeup: you’re more focused on enhancing ingredients and natural finishes than a dramatic effect.

C) Fool-proof: you’ve got a packed schedule and need a look that knows how to stay put. Setting sprays and powders are your beauty BFF.

D) Expressive: you like to play with intense colours, dramatic textures, and unique shapes, and like to change up your look depending on your mood.

Question 2: What are your mascara dealbreakers?

A) Takes way too many coats to create visible volume.

B) Your natural lashes look worse-off when you remove it at the end of the day.

C) Smudging, flaking, and transferring.

D) When it’s not, intense, black or bold enough .

Question 3: Who are your celebrity style icons?

A) It’s all about the legendary drama queens—think Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Prince.

B) You keep it cool and casual—Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoe Kravitz and Alexa Chung inspire you.

C) Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, and Margot Robbie—timeless classics who stay booked and busy.

D) Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, and Grimes—you live for their sense of fun, uniqueness and experimentation.

Question 4: You would describe your natural lashes as…

A) Quite thin and sparse, you weren’t blessed with the good lash gene.

B) Non-committal—you tend to find rogue lashes on your face and on your lash wand.

C) A little shorter than you’d like. They could use some help in the lengthening department.

D) They’re pretty okay as lashes go, but you prefer a dramatic look over something more natural.

Question 5: Your eye look repertoire looks like…

A) A go-to winged liner and a slew of sultry smoky eyes.

B) Nothing on the lid, or a quick wash of bronzer.

C) Soft, flattering eyeshadow looks in neutral shades, complete with champagne shimmers.

D) Bright colours, Euphoria-esque glitters, and interesting liner shapes.


Mostly As: NARS Climax Extreme Mascara

If you’re familiar with NARS’ original Climax Mascara, this new and notable edition delivers on all the volume and some, swiping on extreme volume instantly—negating the need to spend your morning building up your lashes coat by coat. A unique XXXL ribbed-bristle brush carries a latex-like black pigment, for deep, dark lashes that deliver from root to tip. Top it off with special polymers that achieve a smudge-resistant wear all day (and night) long, and you’ve got your perfect mascara.

Mostly Bs: ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

For the natural beauty-inclined (by formula and by look) this gentle, conditioning mascara pairs lash-loving ingredients with natural pigments to deliver lashes that look great before, during, and after a coat or two of mascara. Without compromising on performance, this formula hydrates and nourishes lashes thanks to a dose of shea butter. One coat will give you a curled, lengthened and separated no-makeup makeup look, and two to three will set you up for a more dramatic effect.

Mostly Cs: Hourglass Unlocked™ Instant Extensions Mascara

You want a classic, hard-working formula from a trusted brand, and your desired outcome is long, full lashes that stay put—none of this flaking or smudging business. Alas, your perfect lash match is Hourglass’ Unlocked Mascara. Vegan and cruelty free (with 5 percent of proceeds going to the Nonhuman Rights Project to help secure civil rights for nonhuman animals), this mascara delivers on just the right amount of drama by way of a film-forming technology that attaches transformative microfibres to your lashes for incredible lift, length and definition. You can guarantee it’ll stay smudge-proof all day.

Mostly Ds: Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara

When it comes to your beauty choices, you’re not the type to play it safe: this unapologetic formula by makeup legends Urban Decay is intensely black, extremely lifting and ridiculously lengthening, promising 23.6 times more volume and 40 percent more visible length. The wand’s unique asymmetrical brush has been designed to catch every single lash (even the tiniest ones!) for bold, spikey lashes that can’t help but catch the attention of anyone who comes near or by. If drama and originality is your thing: you’ve found the one.

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