Our bestselling fragrance is now available in a candle, so your home can smell as good as you do

How does a scent become an icon?

Ask this question to any fragrance-obsessive, and they’ll likely you the tale of two scents: Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540, and Le Labo’s Santal. Now, like the latter, Baccarat goes from personal to home in its new, highly anticipated candle form.

With a following so grand that we, at times, struggle to keep it in stock, the warm and romantic scent of Baccarat Rouge 540 is the favourite of many influencers, celebrities and beauty editors all over the world (as well as a large percentage of MECCA HQ). With a blend of floral, spice and wood tones, this fragrance is completely unique and irresistible—so the thought of enjoying it in our homes as a glimmering, aromatic candle is enticing to say the least. To celebrate the iconic scent’s release as a candle, we’re looking back at how this timeless fragrance came to be, and its journey to legendary status in the fragrance world.

The story

In late 2013, Daniela Riccardi, CEO of the Baccarat crystal house in France, approached Francis Kurkdjian to create their olfactory autograph, in celebration of their 250th anniversary. The master perfumer drew his inspiration from the scarlet crystals that accent every Baccarat chandelier, which are infused with pure gold and, when heated at 540 degrees celsius, turn from crystal clear to a rich, ruby red. Trust us when we say; if anyone knows real, feel-good luxury, it’s these two brands.

The scent

It’s not just the name and the bottle that reflect the spirit of these crystals — it’s been captured in the fragrance itself. The romantic scent stirs up images of decedent Parisian parties, spiced cocktails and lavish bouquets; lively and playful yet seductively rich. It opens with notes of jasmine and saffron, then is softened by deeper notes of amber, cedarwood and Moroccan bitter almond, making it a well-rounded, crowd-pleasing fragrance experience suitable for any occasion, any time of the year.

The legacy

Since its launch, countless beauty lovers have adopted Baccarat Rouge 540 as their own personal fragrance. Just in Australia, many influencers have taken it on, with Steph Claire Smith even wearing it on her wedding day. With scents being so deeply associated with memory, picking the right one for your special occasions is of paramount importance. Speaking to You Beauty podcast, Steph recalls that after hearing Brooke Hogan and Bec Judd talking about it, she had to try it herself and now saves it for “special nights”. Bec ended years of searching for a signature fragrance when she found this superstar scent, telling Marie Claire; “whenever I wear it, someone comments on it.” Part of Rebecca Harding’s Logies preparation ritual is selecting a fragrance that matches the theme of her dress, and in 2017 she paired a delicate yet striking pink tulle strapless dress with Baccarat Rouge 540.

With the release of this iconic fragrance in candle form, this bestselling scent can now fill your space with a harmony of delicate florals, warm spice and rich wood. It’s the perfect scent to set the mood for a rom-com filled night in, a well-deserved self-care ritual or a romantic meal with someone you love.

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