Meet the experts behind Ask MECCA! who answer all your beauty questions

We know there’s no feeling quite like being in store at MECCA – swatching products, trying textures and picking the brains of our knowledgeable store hosts. If you think you’re missing the in-store MECCA magic – we’ve missed you twofold! So, we’re bringing our in-store hosts to you, wherever you are. Meet Ask MECCA! – our new online chat platform connecting you with our in-store experts – and the faces behind it.

Since we’re your beauty best friend on call, we thought it was only fitting that you get to know some of the experts you’ll be chatting to (no, they’re not bots!). From showing you new product launches to swatching products over the video feature – they’re breaking down what it looks like to be the MECCA expert chatting all things beauty with you on the other side of your virtual chat or call.

Anna, Auckland

The most common question you get asked?
“How to make your skin glow! Everyone wants that ‘lit from within look’, whether it’s coming from skincare or makeup.”

What's your favourite part of being an online MECCA expert?
“I’m super excited to translate the amazing in-store MECCA experience to our customers across Australia and New Zealand who are unable to visit a store. Everyone deserves a taste of the MECCA magic, no matter where they are!”

A fun fact about you!
“I was a swimming instructor before I worked at MECCA!”

Lucy, Melbourne

Which new products are on your radar right now?
“Definitely Young Rose from Byredo! I own Rose of No Man's Land so I’m excited by Byredo’s take on another rose scent. It has a kick of musk which would be soft and elegant for a workplace setting and everyday wear.”

What's something that a customer may not know about Ask MECCA!?
“No beauty questions are ever out of bounds – knowledge is empowerment! There is also a video feature. I love seeing customers get that same dose of dopamine that they experience shopping in-store. To able to have a laugh and engage face-to-face using the video call feature is such a delight during these really testing times.”

A fun fact about you!
“I am a major foodie and have a dedicated Excel spreadsheet of all the Melbourne restaurants that I want to try (colour coded and with categories, of course!).”

Eryn, Adelaide

Which new products are on your radar right now?
“It's so hard to pick! Right now, I'm loving everything spring and summer ‘glow’ focused. If you haven't tried the new Mecca Cosmetica Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Serum, absolutely add this to your basket – it' s like a big drink of water for the skin! Also, Drunk Elephant's T.L.C Glycolic Body Lotion is my secret to overnight smooth skin, perfect for the warmer months.”

What's your favourite part of being an online MECCA expert?
“I love bringing the in-store experience to an online platform and helping someone create their ultimate skincare routine. My favourite is when customers keep in touch on the platform, so we can track their skincare progress and see amazing results.”

A fun fact about you!
“I've been with Mecca for six years this year!”

Ashlee, Perth

What's one product everyone asks about?
“Tubing mascaras! Yes – they are amazing. I can’t live without my Hourglass Unlocked Mascara. Being able to just roll your mascara off in the shower and have no panda eyes… what a feeling!”

What's something that a customer may not know about Ask MECCA!?
“That we are real people in-store and are actually chatting to you live from the shop floor.”

A fun fact about you!
“I have been with MECCA for seven years. Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Want personalised advice, stat? Ask MECCA! Chat live to our MECCA in-store experts, either online or by video call, who can answer all your beauty questions – no matter how big or small. We're your beauty best friend on call – just click the speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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