Why you should be adopting a skincare mentality for your entire body

Our faces are bright and glowy, and our pores, refined, but BOY have some of us neglected the remainder (and therefore the majority) of our skin.

With more time on our hands, skincare routines that physically cannot be added to, and Drunk Elephant’s explosive launch into hair and body, there’s no excuse not to transfer our skincare knowledge to our limbs.

It’s about time we shared the love, right? Our bodies deserve what our faces have (active cleansers, juicy serums, rich hydrators and the like), so we’ve made a pledge to adopt a skincare mentality for our entire body.

To keep it easy, we’ve simplified this new mentality into four (and a half) easy steps, with the game-changing products to boot. Last time, we dove into hair, and today, we’re talking body.


You’ve been cleansing your body since you were born, and every day since, so this shouldn’t be news to you. As we become more aware of the stripping properties of soap, we’re moving to rich, clarifying formulas that leave our skin clear, bright and balanced. Think Drunk Elephant’s Kamili Cream Body Cleanser, Gallinée’s Cleansing Bar and Mario Badescu’s AHA Botanical Body Soap.


Get your scrub on to reveal bright, baby-smooth skin that takes on hydrators like never before. Crucial all year round (in summer to buff away SPF and fake tan, and in winter to banish dry, flaky skin), body exfoliators make an instant difference to skin condition (and can also combat things like cellulite and body acne by clearing away dead skin cells). A classic at MECCA is Frank Body’s iconic coffee scrub, but if you’re in the mood to switch it up, try Ren’s Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub or Soap and Glory's Scrub Gloves. Flakes of sea salt are just as delicious for our skin as they are on a bougie chocolate chip cookie—they’re packed with minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, and help to deep-clean pores, balance oil production and kill bad bacteria, as well as physically slough away dead skin.


Expect to see more in this space. Formulas like Frank Body’s In Your Dreams Scrub (perfect for scaly-ness and those little bumps you get on your arms) and Chantecaille’s Retinol Body Treatment (for ageing skin) are designed to make our skin smooth, glowy and youthful-looking all over. This means that we can reap the results these game-changing ingredients have provided for our face, across the rest of our body.


We spend so much time and thought choosing the perfect moisturisers for our face—why don’t we do the same for our body? Give your outlook an update and seek hard-working formulas that will change the feel and appearance of your skin in an instant. As we head into cooler, drier weather, this is more important than ever. Start with Drunk Elephant’s ultra-hydrating Sili™ Body Lotion, Kiehl’s iconic Crème de Corps Moisturiser, or Buly’s luxurious Dry Body Oil.


Any opportunity to talk about Bawdy's Butt Masks and we’ll take it. Take your body routine to a whole new level of indulgence and give your lower cheeks some sheet mask love with these unique (and giggle-inducing) masks. We’ve all neglected our derriere for far too long.

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