The supercharged body care delivering the same results as your skincare

In case you missed it, body care has changed: greasy body creams and ultra-drying washes are no more, outshone by results-driven formulas developed by beauty’s most forward-thinking brands. So stop neglecting your limbs and start giving the rest of your body the same degree of love and attention you currently give to your face (and your TikTok feed).

To inspire you on a journey towards a true head to toe glow, we’re running through the latest and greatest body washes, moisturisers and deodorants, supercharged with the same active ingredients your face has laid claim to for far too long.

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There’s a divide between face and body care, when in reality, it’s all skin—so try reframing your concept of ‘body wash’ and view it as cleanser instead. You want something that will clear away lingering dirt, oil, and body care, but also something that will benefit the appearance of your skin. Active ingredients, this is where you come in.

Designed to tick all those boxes (and some), the Mecca Athletica Skin Perfecting Body Wash is supercharged with AHAs (glycolic acid) and PHAs (in the form of next-gen exfoliator, gluconolactone) to go beyond the surface of the skin, clearing away dulling dead skin cells while helping to eliminate bumps and breakouts. It’s especially good if you suffer from keratosis pilaris. We could go on about the incredible ingredient list behind this wash, which also features ginseng, a botanical that powers Mario Badescu’s AHA Botanical Body Soap as well. In the Mario Badescu favourite, it’s combined with papaya and grapefruit extracts, both of which are rich in skin sloughing enzymes which help to break down dead skin cells.

For the self-tanners, Elle Effect’s The Wash is purpose-built: “it's a product that not only removes old tan and cleanses the skin, but also doesn't strip your skin in the process,” says founder and bronze goddess Elle Ferguson. “It's kind to your skin.” Formulated with coconut, olive and macadamia oils, a hint of exfoliating citric acid (and to be honest, not much else), The Wash effectively nourishes and hydrates dry skin. “Long term your skin's texture and overall appearance will change,” says Ferguson. “And your tan will last longer and look almost airbrushed onto the skin.”

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If your skin is extremely dry, flaky or scaley, add a scrub to your routine 2-3 days a week. Right now, we’re loving Frank Body’s Charcoal Body Scrub and Mask to buff away dead skin cells while detoxifying pores with charcoal, and Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Body Scrub, powered by sugar crystals to improve circulation and increase firmness, and spiked with energizing guarana to boost blood flow.


We’ll slather serums, oils, moisturisers and SPF onto our face daily for hydrated, glowing skin, so why are we skimping on our bodies? As the weather improves, you’ll be seeing your arms and legs just has much as you will your face, so it’s time to step up your game.

Our two favourite formulas are actually lotions (as opposed to thicker creams) – they’re lighter weight, sinking into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky finish. Plus, they both launched this year, so you can trust they’re the latest and greatest on the market. The first is Drunk Elephant’s Sili™ Body Lotion. It’s loaded with rich moisturisers like marula butter and coconut oil, which is balanced with the hydrating and protective powers of squalane and ceramides. It’ll keep the moisture in your skin, rather than drying off, while soothing any redness or irritation.

Our other favourite is the Mecca Athletica Ultra-Firming Body Lotion —a new high-performance lotion formulated like that of a moisturiser for your face. These supercharged ingredients deserve a drum roll: there’s Proteasyl™, a peptide active derived from peas that’s clinically proven to make the skin firmer and more elastic. There’s also lactic acid, a super gentle AHA that’s said to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and general dullness, while improving skin tone and texture. Then comes glycerin, to help hydrate and balance your skin, which is all wrapped up with a healthy dose of bakuchiol, an anti-ager and hyperpigmentation-helper famously known as the natural alternative to retinol. This lotion is jam packed.

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Don’t let deodorant be an afterthought. While we’ve only considered it a true beauty staple in more recent times, it can be a key player in keeping you feeling (and smelling) your best throughout the day. At MECCA, we prefer more natural-style deodorants, free from potentially harmful ingredients like aluminium and parabens.

Corpus Naturals are true leaders in the natural deodorant space, with formulas of no compromise to quality or efficacy, for the sake of being natural. Their Third Rose Natural Deodorant is water-based and vegan, with naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts clinically proven to reduce body odour. It’s also entirely manufactured by renewable, solar and hydroelectric energy. As for the scent, think rose, Italian mandarin, violet and cedar root—like a greenhouse in bloom.

With a fun and rainbow-filled take on everyday beauty essentials, French brand Merci Handy serve up clean, fresh, and sweet (but not sickly) deodorants, formulated with pit health in mind. It’s the perfect throw-in-your bag deodorant for top ups through the day, regulating perspiration while taking care of your skin.

And last but not least, the newest addition to our deodorant musts is the Mecca Athletica Aluminium-Free Deodorant. It’s formulated like skincare, so you’re getting all the benefits of a high-performance deodorant, while ensuring your pits are soft, healthy and nourished. Tapioca starch and kaolin clay are the key sweat and oil absorbers in this formula, paired with essential oils chosen for their antimicrobial benefits, delivering odour protection while targeting the bacteria that causes it in the first place.

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