3 women on the beauty looks and skincare rituals that give them confidence

Beauty is more than what we put on our face; it’s also about how it makes us feel, and how we can face the day whether it’s with makeup or even just the ritual of skincare. A tech entrepreneur, a beauty founder and a fashion designer on the beauty that gives them the momentum to face forward with confidence.

Courtne Smith, tech entrepreneur

“Although I’m a makeup junkie, my favourite thing at the moment is skincare. Being in California where we have less places to go now, it’s allowed me to test out what works best for me; my ultimate goal is to have the confidence to go makeup-free while feeling as confident as I would with full makeup. Once a week, I’ll do the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment which I’ve been doing for years!

Georgia Geminder, founder of Gem

“I think many women discovered just how important skincare is during the lockdown [being in Melbourne] and how great the rituals of taking care of your skin can make you feel. I start the day with Frank Body’s Charcoal Face Cleanser to cleanse my pores and wake me up! Then I protect and hydrate my skin with Go-To Zincredible SPF 15 Tinted. I have fair skin so SPF is a must. I keep things simple with my makeup with Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara which goes on beautifully and doesn’t irritate. Then for the big finish, after brushing with Coconut Mint Gem toothpaste and rinsing with the Crisp Mint mouthwash (naturally!), I use Lanolips 101 Ointment.”


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