Sammy Robinson on her first skincare love: Clinique Moisture Surge

The quintessential Australian girl-next-door, there’s no denying that Sydney-based influencer Sammy Robinson has untapped the secret to effortless style, cool-girl makeup and no-filter skin that can light up any selfie. With influencing (and, well, knowing your stuff) comes partnerships and ambassadorships, and Robinson’s new entanglement with Clinique—their Moisture Surge range specifically—just makes sense.

Our love for the brand’s globally coveted formulas is no secret, and as it turns out, neither is Robinson’s, who can’t help but gush over Clinique’s new Moisture Surge™ Intense 72H Lipid-Replenishing Hydrator, a remarkably more hydrating version of the original that we didn’t even know was possible. To get the low-down on Robinson's skincare journey (hint: Moisture Surge plays a huge part) and her path from YouTuber to fashion designer, read on.


‘’My love for Clinique started way back when my mum bought me the three-step skincare routine when I got my first breakouts,’’ recalled Robinson who then discovered the Clinique Stick Sculpting Contour and began using it regularly. ‘’And then the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator entered my life. It was love at first sight and hasn’t left me since. It is a long-term relationship and we don’t plan on breaking up anytime soon. It is a great everyday moisturiser; it has never given me break outs or irritated my skin. It feels amazing on the skin and works incredibly well underneath makeup as a base. It just does everything you would want a moisturiser to do.”


"I went off the pill around six months ago now. It has taken a while for my skin to readjust and learn how to function on its own without the pill hormones acting as a blanket over my skin concerns," shared Robinson, noting that during this time while her skin was readjusting it needed a familiar, basic and gentle routine. She had confidence that the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator would nourish her skin without breaking it out.

As a busy woman running a YouTube channel, a clothing line and now with a new puppy, she will always make time for her skincare. "As I get older and have gone off the pill, I have noticed small changes in my skin. I have really taken clear skin for granted in the past so now I genuinely enjoy taking time out morning and night to really give my skin some love and attention. Makeup and skincare have become my ‘me time’ pastimes – no pressure, no work, no chaos… just me and the products and a podcast – BLISS!"


Since April, Robinson has been spending her time in isolation working on her new clothing label, One Mile which reflects her own personal style. When asked what the biggest lessons she has learnt through starting her own business, she is quick to be realistic about what being an entrepreneur is like. “Invest your money and time into creating a team around you that you trust. If I could do every single little task involved in running One Mile, trust me, I would. But you have to learn to release some of that control and find people who are just as invested in the brand as you are. Obviously my number one priority was the quality of the clothing, that is a given, but if I didn’t have the team around me everyday, One Mile simply wouldn’t function as well as it does,” she says. She also takes a balanced approach to her business. “In life if you put all of your energy into one thing, everything else will become off balance. I have been learning to juggle my time between my two businesses, as well as take on a new endeavour and still find time to myself, with family and with friends. It is hard – so make sure you build a group of people around you that will make everything flow seamlessly”

With Robinson making her name with makeup and skincare themed YouTube, her foray into clothing might come as a surprise. “I always say I have found a really amazing audience that has essentially grown up with me and watched me discover new hobbies and passions as they come. I have dipped my toes in so many different spaces including beauty, health and fitness, cooking and fashion so I have never really been pigeonholed to one industry. Although my love for beauty is as great as fashion, I had more of a drive to create a brand that encapsulated everything I love about clothing, quality basics, and timeless pieces. I was happy to leave beauty (for now) to those who do it best! Never say never though,” she says with a wink.


And for those who are still wanting to have a presence on YouTube, this is Robinson’s advice: “I think the industry is so oversaturated in every single category, bringing something new to the table is almost impossible,” she says. “Everything has been done before, so the importance of being yourself (as cliché as that sounds) is greater than ever. No one wants to follow 1000 of the same people doing the same thing, so be yourself, don’t be afraid to be different and just experiment with what you love!"


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