Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on her at-home beauty and self-care routines

“Instead of a night out, we’re thinking about a night in,” says Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on how her beauty approach has changed since we last spoke to her. With a partnership with Australian lifestyle brand Resorè, the model and entrepreneur (as well as basically being a style and beauty expert) has even more knowledge on how to make the most of her me-time.


Huntington-Whiteley, like many of us, has been spending more time in her bathroom. “The last few months I’ve found myself spending more time in my bathroom in the evenings, running a hot bath and lighting a candle,” she says. “And as someone who is really obsessed with interiors and spends a lot of time in my bathroom, I’m always looking for those things to make the bathroom feel a little bit special and indulgent — I thought the Resorè towels were so beautiful, luxurious, fast-drying and soft.”

While she admits she had not thought of her towels much previously (“I never thought much about my towels before except perhaps thread count and colour”), finding out about its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities piqued her interest, “especially as someone with acne-prone skin”. As she says: “When we spend money on expensive and luxurious skincare, and towels touch our skin daily, why shouldn’t a face towel have as much importance?”


As a self-confessed “facial fanatic”, Huntington-Whiteley has schooled up on at-home treatments, listing off a LED light, NuFace and microneedling as recent favourites. And, like many of us, Huntington-Whiteley has since blown the proverbial dust off many devices. (“I mean, who has the time to lie under an LED light every day before this?” she says with a laugh.) “All those beauty tools that were at the back of my cupboard were brought forward, it’s been fun.”


“To me, self-care is subjective,” she says. “It’s whatever it means to you to take care of yourself.” For her, it’s rest, good company and exercise – particularly now as a mother. “Before lockdown, I wasn’t great at getting myself to the gym – I used to, but since having my son I’m perpetually tired. But when I do exercise, I never regret it.” She prefers yoga (“it’s very calming”) but advises “whatever you do, that time when you’re focusing on your physicality, strengths and goals is meditative to a degree – you’re so focused so it pushes everything else out of your mind.”

With beauty, it’s those moments to herself, during or before lockdown. “When my son’s gone to bed, I gravitate towards the bathroom, put on The High Low podcast – I just love hearing their voices, particularly when I’m in the States since they’re two British women my age, it’s like hanging out with two mates at home – run a bath or shower and put a face mask on.”

Now, she relishes her alone time. “Before my son and certainly in my early 20s, I was really uncomfortable with the idea of being alone and now I just really enjoy it – I need it, it replenishes me. It allows me to reorganise my thoughts.”


“I brought them back recently, and they’ve taken a life on their own,” she says with a laugh on her Instagram ‘series’ of her outfits. “I love to share and I love fashion and beauty – I’m not somebody who is cagey so I like letting people know where something is from.”

She has been bemused as to why they’re so popular, but she has some theories. “My style is pretty classic, so it could be easily emulated, in people’s own way.” Saving outfit ideas herself on Instagram and Pinterest, she’s flattered knowing that others do the same to her. But ultimately, Huntington-Whiteley – despite her more serious expressions online – is light-hearted and good natured about them. “They’re a bit fun, silly, and tongue-in-cheek – I do that silly pose that people give me a hard time for!”


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