Real life party prep tips from real life party girls: an analysis

The festive season presents opportunity after opportunity to amp up your beauty repertoire and dip into the glitter. But how does one keep things fresh when the party season drags on and your skin inevitably begins to protest? We turned to real women who know a thing or two about surviving the festive season—artists, writers and creatives—who have all perfected their pre and post-game skincare and make-up habits.

Because as we head into the season of champagne and multiple RSVPs, the key to surviving this tricky (though always fun) few months is not about winging it, it’s about analysing the secrets of those who do it best and applying with precision.


Successful pre-gaming comes down to one thing: happy skin. In short, a well-cared for and hydrated visage will save you much pain during the long nights ahead. Our subjects unanimously agree on this, though how you get there is generally a combination of a few basic but important skincare steps. “I’m usually more diligent in my cleansing routine to make sure I’m leaving no impurities behind,” says influencer and beauty maestro Rachel Tee Tyler, advising us that a hydrating mask is a must after a deep cleanse. Digital Creator Maria Thattil agrees, noting she zeroes in on “monthly facials, double cleansing action and face masks”, a favourite being Go-To’s Transformazing sheet masks.

For writer Arabella Peterson and artist Kitty Callaghan, counteracting the effects of prosecco and extra makeup application include diligent exfoliation, a reliable primer and a clay mask or two. This approach is not exclusive to one’s face either, our experts recommend treating your body with the same care, especially for those opting to see out the season with bronzed limbs.

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On beauty

Though their approach to maquillage may differ, each subject notably acknowledges relying on a bold lip to pull them through the busy season. Whether a skin brightening red, punchy pink or burgundy, these party girls know the power of a statement lip colour.

“I always rely on a lip,” says Yasmin Suteja, who adds a liner is your best friend when opting for a defined and bold look.

“It instantly transforms even a natural day glam to a party-ready evening look,” Rachel Tee Tyler agrees, choosing a classic red as her go-to.

While Kitty Callaghan prefers to offset her fresh-faced and glowy complexion with a “rich matte red lipstick for an occasion”, both Arabella Peterson and Maria Thatill like to push things a little further, adding an eye to round out their after hours looks.

“For me, it’s playing up key features on my face that I like, like my eyes and lips, experimenting with colour and trying new techniques,” says Maria Thatill, who often reaches for a glossy lip and chocolate-inspired smoky eye.

For Arabella Peterson, it’s a complementary wash of colour across the eyes, the writer preferring warmer hues to match her red lips and notably reaching for one of her many Urban Decay palettes.

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It’s imperative to remember that once the music has stopped and the party is officially over, your work is not yet done. Post-party, there are a few rules our subjects inform us you must adhere to if you want to remain on good terms with your skin. “Always remove all makeup before bed. I use a really good oil-based make-up remover from Tatcha that thoroughly removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara,” Yasmin Suteja advises, echoing the words of her fellow party girls. “No excuses. Period!” Rachel Tee Tyler agrees, declaring there’s always time for your before night time routine post-party.

Once that ‘cleanse, cleanse, cleanse’ mantra is stuck in your head and you’ve washed both the night and your beauty choices away please remember that before hitting the pillow you must hydrate—inside and out.

“Post-party, I try to drink at least half a litre of water before bed, remove my make-up thoroughly (no matter how late it is) with micellar water then cleanse, tone and apply a thick layer of moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm,” Arabella Peterson notes.

Likewise, Maria Thattil says survival is all about: “Drinking lots of water, catching up on sleep, going through my cleansing regimen morning and night without fail, and using my NuFace Line Smoothing Device to fight lines or the signs of fatigue—sometimes you need a little extra help.”

A thick layer of your favourite night cream won’t make up for all party season sins but at least your skin will be one less thing to worry about come sunrise.

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